Robert S Webster

Awards in Exhibitions

The Back of a Cabinet Print

Cabinet Print (back)  -  Photographer: Robert S Webster

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Robert S Webster was a professional photographer from 1894 to 1926.

He won awards in exhibitions in:

-  1890:  Coventry

-  1891:  Vienna

-  1892:  Coventry

-  1893:  Leytonstone

-  1893:  Edinburgh

-  1893:  London

In 1895, he advertised:  Awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for Art Photography.  He displayed his awards on the back of his cabinet prints.



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   RS Webster  -  Photograph published in 'The Photogram'  -  1895


     Robert S Webster - photographed by his son, and sent to me by his grandson 

Prize-winning photo
by RS Webster

   Photogram by Robert S Webster  -  It won fourth prize in the 'Cadett' International Prize Competition in 1895 


Cabinet Print (back)  -  Photographer: Robert S Webster

Cabinet Prints

   Cabinet Print  -  Photographer: Robert S Webster 

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Folder containing cabinet prints from the studio of R S Webster  -  Folder open

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