Drummond Young Ltd

1939 -1973

Thank you to Alan Bell for telling me about Drummond Young Ltd in the 1960s.  Alan wrote:

Edinburgh Photographers

"I stumbled across the EdinPhoto website while searching for Edinburgh photographers.  I recognised the name of Rankin Weir **, as I had worked with him at Drummond Youngs in the early 1960s."

** Rankin Weir sent a message to the EdinPhoto web site about the time when he worked for Campbell Harper photographers.

Large Prints

"The large prints that Rankin mentions were mainly for architects but we also had a contract with Scottish Command (Army) to produce large, 60x40 prints for recruiting campaigns. They supplied us with 10x8 prints and we copied them onto 5x4 glass plates using a Statfile horizontal copy camera that ran on rails with a tilting easel at the opposite end.

Negatives were then placed back in the camera and projected on to the easel up to 60"x40". Prints were then processed in butchers' trays, taking about 1 gallon of developer.

The boss, Mr Duncan Drummond Young had purchased a large quantity of ex RAF dev which would turn your fingernails brown after a day in the darkroom."

Developing and Printing

"If  the print development was slow in parts, we used a sponge soaked in warm dev, sponging 'carefully' that part.

Rankin mentions that these prints were fiddly to handle.  To make them easier to handle, we soaked the paper in water prior to development.

Replies to Alan Bell

Alan tells me that he would be pleased to hear from Rankin Weir (who left a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook in 2008, but unfortunately did not leave an email address) or from anybody else who remembers him from the 1960s.

 Alan added:

"I have many happy memories of my period at Drummond Young Ltd.  When I started there was a Mr Adair who was the studio manager and Harry Zygmund, a Polish printer."

If you'd like to send a message to Alan, please email me, then I'll pass your message on to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  January 15, 2010



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