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William Drummond Young

William Drummond Young  -  1901

1854 - 1924


William Drummond Young



Professional Photographer

William Drummond Young was born on 18 April 1854 and died on 21 May 1924.  He trained as a cabinet maker, then became a portrait painter, moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh.  [DYF]

In the 20 years before establishing the partnership with his son, William was an Artist, based at eight different Edinburgh addresses. 
[Post Office Directories]

 The Edinburgh Public Library collection includes an oil painting of Craigmillar Castle

William was commissioned to take special portraits of King Edward VII on his way to the Great Review in Holyrood Park in  September 1905.  Below is a photograph by James Patrick taken at the Review.

Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Royal Review, 18 September 1905, The King's Escort

[Minutes of the Trotters Club: 7 Oct 1905]


Mary Powell, niece of Edward Drummond Young for the dates of birth and death of William


William Drummond Young

Edinburgh Photographic Society


On 2nd December 1903, William gave an interesting lecture to EPS, covering his two years' residence in America.  The lecture was entitled:

Some Impressions of American Photographic Methods


William Drummond Young

Edinburgh Photographic Society


William Drummond Young participated in the games at the Edinburgh Photographic Society's Annual Excursion to Winton Castle in 1878, coming 1st in the Bowls and 2nd in the Sack Race!    [BJP:  26 July 1878,  p.353.]

His would, no doubt have been pleased with his 1st position in the bowling, as he was one of the founding members of the Edinburgh skittles club, The Trotters.


W Drummond Young & Co

W Drummond Young & Co appear in a directory for 1896, but this may be a misprint.  Perhaps it should be W Drummond Young & Son.


W Drummond Young & Son

W Drummond Young & Son first appear in directories in 1897, advertising:

"Photo Specialists, Press Work, etc."


The son was Edward (full name William Edward Drummond Young, known in the family as Buffs)


Edward Drummond Young  -  1933

From 1907 until 1919 the company also included Douglas Hume Watson, and traded as Drummond Young & Watson.



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