Stereo View

by an unidentified photographer


This stereo view appears to be one of a series.  The back of the card with its full description and border is quite distinctive. 

Does anybody recognise this format of back, and know who the photographer was?

The photograph is similar to one taken by G W Wilson, and published as No 88 in his series of stereo views.

Interior of Holyrood Chapel  -  GW Wilson - No 88

      Stereo view by George Washington Wilson - Holyrood Chapel


Please click the photo below to see an enlargement of the right hand picture.

Holyrood Abbey

Stereo View of Holyrood Abbey  -  photographer unidentified

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Description on the back of the stereo view by

Holyrood Abbey

The back of a Stereo View of Holyrood Abey  -  photographer not known

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Stereo Views

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