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John Lamb

Fronts of the Cabinet Prints

Several of the John Lamb cabinet prints that I have seen have been of groups.  Sometimes quite large groups.  It would be interesting to know which groups have been photographed in 1 and 3 below.

Edinburgh Studios

John Lamb had studios at:

-  1878-1900:   101b Princes Street
-  1901:               18 Dundonald Street
-  1903-1910:         8 Fettes Row

All the John Lamb cabinet prints that I have seen have been from his studio at 101b.  Cabinet prints remained popular until around the end of the nineteenth century, but far fewer were produced by professional photographers from 1900 onwards.

Types of Photography

John Lamb advertised on the backs of his cabinet prints:

High class portraits, life size in oil colours,
on canvas, crayons & water colours or porcelain
executed from any photo or other likeness.
Miniatures on ivory.

John Lamb and Peter Devine

John Lamb described himself as:

Artist, Photographer and Portrait Painter

Established 1859

On the backs of his cabinet prints, John Lamb advertised:

All negatives taken since 1859 carefully preserved.

Copies can always be had.

However, the first reference I have found to John Lamb, working as a photographer under his own name is in 1878.   References to 1859 may relate to the company Peter Devine who were listed in the trade directories as being based at 101b Princes Street from 1861 until 1877.

Did John Lamb, at one time, work for Peter Devine?

On the backs of some of his cabinet prints John Lamb described himself as:

Lamb, late P Devine.

He also used Lamb, late Devine on the backs of many of his cartes de visite, giving more prominence to the name Devine than to Lamb.

John Lamb and Other Photographers

The backs of some of John Lamb's cabinet prints included the following:

John Lamb, having acquired the entire stocks
 of negatives taken by the firms

103 Princes Street
3 Hanover St., Edinburgh

Copies can be had as formerly.

The back of another of his cabinet prints, John Lamb included the wording:

J Lamb, having the entire Stocks of Negatives
taken by the Firms of
1 Hanover Street
103 Princes Street

Copies can be had in the Various Styles

Brown, Barnes & Bell were based at 1 Hanover Street from 1881 to 1886.  This appears to be the same address as 3 Hanover Street.

John Duncan Smith  after working for Brown, Barns and Bell at 1 Hanover Street, set up his own business at this address from 1887 to 1888.

Ross & Pringle were based at 103 Princes Street from 1876 to 1883

The dates of these businesses have been used to determine the dates of four of the cabinet prints below.


John Lamb

101b Princes Street

Please click the image below to view some Cabinet Prints by John Lamb:

Cabiner Print by John Lamb  -  A group of 4 men and 6 ladies, all beside a table



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John Lamb

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