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Can I have permission to use some of the images on this site

Which pictures?  -  What use?

If you wish to use any of the images from this site, then please:

-   let me know which images you would like to use.

-   tell me what page the photo appears on.

-   tell me about your proposed use of the images.

EdinPhoto  -  A Non-Commercial Web-Site

My site is entirely non commercial.

I hope to spend my time on doing more research and taking more photos, rather than become involved in selling photos, or working to publishers' and other deadlines.

However, I may be able to help by:

a)  If the message below the image says  peter.stubbs  I should be able give you an answer myself.

b)  But if it says   [somebody else] it will also be necessary to contact the copyright owner.  In most cases I should be able to tell you how to contact them.

I may also be able to email occasional higher resolution jpg images of some of my photos.





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