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Can I exchange links with the EdinPhoto web site?


If your site has strong connections with the history of photography in Edinburgh or  if I feel that it complements my site and would be of particular interest to EdinPhoto visitors, then I will consider an exchange of links.

However, most requests have come from other sites that have little or no real relationship to the content of the EdinPhoto site, but are hoping to boost their ranking on Google through exchanging links.  I do not exchange links with such sites.



Can I buy something from EdinPhoto?

Wrong site!

I have had a few emails from people believing that I sell photographic equipment or other products the strangest request to date has been for the supply of 50,000 motor cycles!

I have tried to give advice in response to most of these requests, but I do not sell anything.



Can I sell something to EdinPhoto?


I do not have any need for more equipment, or products for building web sites, etc..  So unless what you have is of particular relevance to the History of Photography in Edinburgh, I am unlikely to be interested.



Can  EdinPhoto give me a job?


The edinphoto web site is my own personal web site.  I update it myself and do not employ anybody.



Can  Duncans Chocolates give me a job in Edinburgh?


I have photographs of Duncans Chocolates on my web site, but I have no connection with the company (which has now been taken over) and cannot answer for them.  However, I can tell you that Duncans Chocolates no longer have works in Edinburgh.  They moved their factory to the West of Scotland around the late 1990s.



Can  you confirm details about the British Linen Bank?


I have photographs of the British Linen Bank on my web site, but I have no connection with the company (which was taken over many years ago and is now part of the HBoS group).

If your question relates to somebody offering large sums of money, then treat it as a scam and don't reply to the message that you have received.



I have a question about Buchan's Pottery

Buchan's Pottery  -  Portobello

Buchan's Pottery was once a major business in Portobello.  The company is no longer there but much of their old pottery and many of their old bottles can still be found.

I have been asked for help in identifying and valuing some of these.  I don't have any detailed knowledge to answer these questions.

However, I have been told that there are always examples of Buchan pots and bottles for sale on eBay, so you should be able to get an idea of their value from there.



I have a question about a Lizars product

Wrong site!  -  but here is a Link.

I have had a few emails from people believing that my site is the official Lizars site. Lizars are an old established Edinburgh photographers / opticians.  I mention the company on this web site, but I have no connection with the company.

However, you should be able to find Lizars' details (telephone number and map) if you click on the link  here  then look for 'Black & Lizars'.  This is the name that they are now trading under



Where can I now contact the Life Association of Scotland?

I have received emails from people with Life Association of Scotland policies, who have presumably found my page of pictures of the LAS Office in Princes street when they searched on the web for LAS.

I have no connection with the The Life Association of Scotland, but I can tell you that the company was taken over by Britannia Life in 1993.




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