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Have the the old studios kept their records or negatives?

Whenever I have checked, the answer has invariably been 'No'.  This question is usually asked by a person who is trying to find the identity of a carte de visite, and has a number on the back of the card but no record of the name.

The number was added to the carte de visite so that the photographer could make extra prints later if requested.  However, he would not need to keep a record of names to do so.  It would be sufficient for him to file his negatives in numerical order.

However, the negatives used for these carted de visite in the late 19th century were glass, so they were heavy and bulky.  They were probably thrown out when the photogrpaher had no further room to store them, or when he retired.



How can I trace my Scottish ancestors?

You could visit the Scottish Genealogy Society's Library at 15 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, or visit their web site and leave a message in their Guest Book.

Statutory registration of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland started in 1855, so if you are looking for information after that date, you may be able to find it on  the website of the General Register Office for Scotland at and 





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