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Are there any similar web sites for other towns or cities?

Web Sites

Apart from one web site covering Fife, I have not found any sites listing the dates and studios of photographers in other towns or cities.  Please let me know if you find any.

Books and Booklets

However, I know of a number of books and booklets listing photographers in different parts of Britain

-  London:  book by Michael Pritchard

-  Lancashire:  book by Gillian Jones

-  Scotland: booklets by D Richard Torrance

-   Britain:  booklets in RPS PhotoHistorian series.

Further details of these publications appear in the Bibliography section of this web site.



Can I exchange links with the EdinPhoto web site?

Possibly.  I will consider each request individually.  If the site seems to me to be relevant to the history of photography in Edinburgh, and if I think that it is likely to be of value to EdinPhoto viewers, then I will consider an exchange of links.

I have no interest in exchanging links to other sites purely in an attempt to boost ratings on Google or other search engines. 




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