Painters and Artists



Tom Curr

Painting by Tom Curr  -  Jesus in Edinburgh            Religious painting by Tom Curr  -  'Follow Me'  -  Jesus against a backdrop of Edinbnurgh

(Gilbert) Eric Douglas


James Douglas

Postcard published by Cynicus, Tayport, Fife  -  Painting of St Andrews by J Douglas

A Healey Hislop

Christmas Greeting based on a sketch by A Healey Hislop, 1915        A 1916 Christmas Postcrd designed by Andrew Healey Hislop

Frank F Manclark

Painting by Frank Forsgard Manclark, 'The Leith Artist'   -   Newhaven Sunset          

Reginald P Phillimore

Posecard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  Greyfriar's Bobby          Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  The Cowgate

Peter Ingram Weir

Painting by Weir  -  Granton West Pier, 1887