Douglas Family

including several


Extract from the Douglas Family Tree including some of the Artists

Part of the Douglas family tree, including several artists.


Douglas Family

Thank you to Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Australia, great-grand-daughter of Gabriel Douglas 1822, for emailing some Douglas family details to me, from which I was able to compile this part of the family tree. 

The dates in this chart are dates of birth.   I have included:

-  names of the artists and photographers (lines 3 and 4 of the chart)
-  some of their ancestors (lines 1 and 2 of the chart). 

Many of the other un-named people in the chart were clock and watch-makers.

Please see below for brief details of the persons named in this chart.



Line 1

John Douglas

-   Master Clock + Watch-maker, Jedburgh,
 Roxburghshire ?

Line 2

Walter Douglas

-  Master Clock + Watch-maker

Gabriel Douglas

-  Watchmaker

John Douglas

-  Master Clock + Watch-maker and Jeweller

Line 3

Gabriel Douglas

-  Watchmaker & Jeweller,  Lanarkshire

-  Born. Muirkirk, Ayrshire

-  Died, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1902

John Douglas

-  Portrait Painter, Photographer and possible snuff box painter, Ayrshire

-  Born Dollar, Clackmannanshire

-  Photographer, Glasgow, 1861


Since I drew the family tree above, I have been told of more photographers in John's family.

John had 6 sons; 4 were photographers:

Walter Douglas 1835 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire,
Photographer in 1861 - Walter died in 1868

Thomas Lorimer Douglas 1841
 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire

-  John Douglas c1844 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire

Robert Douglas c1846 Ireland

William Douglas c1840 Glasgow, Lanark
Photographer in 1881

- Arthur Douglas 1856 Blytheswood, Glasgow
 Photographer in 1881.

James Douglas

-  Portrait  and  Subject Painter + Picture Restorer

-  Painted Lord Melville, Duke of Buccleuch, Earl of Strathmore, Earl of Moray

-  Lived at:

-  9 and 80 Hill Square, Edinburgh (between 1835 and 1860).

-   Grange Loan, Edinburgh (1871).

-  Westcott, near Dorking, Surrey (1872).

-  17 Clyde Road, Croydon, Surrey (1881)

-  Born, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

-  Studied RSA, 1841-44

-  Exhibited RSA, 1837-43

-  Died, Croydon, Surrey, March 17, 1888

Sally also told me about three paintings by James Douglas that she has.  They are of:

-  John Douglas c.1750 (the artist's grandfather) painted around 1826.

-  James Douglas 1810 (self portrait), painted in 1830.

-  Edwin James Douglas 1848  (the artist's son), painted at a later date..

Line 4


-  Photographer

-  Died 1868


Also, Andrew Gibson, direct descendant of John Douglas 1813 Dollar, Clackmannan (Clackmannon) writes:

- Walter Douglas, 1835, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, was an Artist as well as being a Photographer

Edwin James Douglas

- Sports, Animal, Genre and Portrait Painter + Engraver.

-  Painted Sporting, Animal and  Genre subjects, in the style of Landseer.

-  Born, Edinburgh 1848.

-  Lived at:

-  80 Hill Square, Edinburgh (1851).
-  24 Grange Loan, Edinburgh (1861, 1871).
-  Westcott, near Dorking, Surrey (1872).
-  Lawbrook, Shere/Shiere, Surrey (1881).
-  Findon, Sussex (1881, 1891).

- Married Christiana Maria Martin at the Parish Church, Bridge, Kent (1874).

-  Died Thackenham, Sussex, Oct 22, 1914.

-  Studied RSA, 1866-68.

-  Exhibited RSA, 1869-1900.

Thank you to Sally Douglas for telling me about Valerie Martin's web site that includes a photo of Edwin James Douglas and a photo of one of his portraits exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1894.

Guendolen Blanche Douglas 1877-1903

Painter, (not shown on the chart).
She was a daughter of Edwin James Douglas

Marguerite Lora Douglas 1885-1963

Painter, France (not shown on the chart).
She w
as probably a daughter of Edwin James Douglas.  [Sally E Douglas]

Georgina Douglas

-  Painter, Helensburgh, 1885


Other Painters named Douglas


Sally mentioned two other references to Douglas painters. Both are mentioned in The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts 1861-98 published by Woodland Press, 1990.

 have not been able to place these on the family tree above.

John Douglas

-  Painter, Glasgow and Ayrshire, 1900-25

Thomas H Douglas

-  Painter, Glasgow, 1877

Question:  Was he the same person as T H Douglas, Edinburgh, professional photographer, 1868-71?

Answer: Andy Gibson believes that these were one and the same person, by the addresses.  He is checking the census records.


Other Painters named Douglas


Sally also mentioned other Douglas artists including the following.  All are listed in the "World Dictionary of Artists" [source: Victoria and Albert Museum] :

I  have not been able to place these on the family tree above.

Andrew Douglas

Animal and Landscape Painter, Edinburgh,
b.1870,  d.1935

Archibald Ramsay Douglas

Miniature Painter, Edinburgh
b.1807  d.1866

Harry Douglas

Painter, Edinburgh
b.1862  d.1934

William Douglas

Miniature Painter,
and Glenbervie, Fife
b.1780, d.1832

William Fettes Douglas

Landscape, History and Genre Painter,
and Newbridge, Fife
b.1822, d.1891



Thank you to Sally E Douglas for sending me e-mails on December 12 and December 17, 2006 including some information provided by The Royal Scottish Academy.  I used the details in the email to compile the family tree above. Sally mentioned that she has copies of 3 paintings, all  by James Douglas 1810. 

Thank you to Sally for telling me about the three portraits that she has by James Douglas (above) and for sending me further emails on artists named Douglas, in December 2006 and January 2007, and October 2008.  Unfortunately, as the main subject of The EdinPhoto web site is the history of photography in Edinburgh,  it is not practical for me to add all the information that Sally has sent me about the Douglas paintings to the web site.

The Douglas Family

Sally E Douglas is:

-   Great-grand-daughter of Gabriel Douglas 1822-1902, Muirkirk, Ayrshire,
Watchmaker & Jeweller,  Lanarkshire, Scotland

-   Grand-daughter of Gabriel (also known as Gilbert) Douglas 1869-1946,
South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,
Watchmaker and Jeweller, Builder and Property Developer.

-   Daughter of Gilbert Eric Douglas (known as Eric) Douglas 1902-1970,
Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Eric was Group Captain RAAF, Flying Instructor, Test Pilot, Inventor,  Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineer, Antarctic Explorer, Yachtsman, Skier, Artist, Photographer.

Here are a couple of pages from an autograph book from the British, Australian & New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition, 1930, featuring sketches by Eric Douglas:

Pages from an Autograph Album - 1930

Page 1

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pages from an Autograph Album - 2

Page 2

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Acknowledgement:  Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: 2006/7/8 and July 10+5, 2014



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