Postcard by T P Lugton

Where is it?

Possibly somewhere in North Edinburgh

Answer:  Moredun Crescent.  (See 'Answer 1' below.)



 Postcard by TP Lugton.  Where is it?

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Neil Lawrence, Fountiainbridge, Edinburgh


Postcard by T P Lugton

Where is it?

Thank you to Neil Lawrence, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce this postcard.  Neil is trying to discover where the photo on the front of this card was taken.  The message on the back of the card may also help.  Please click on the thumbnail below to enlarge it.

The Back of the Postcard

      The Back of a Postcard by TP Lugton.  Where is it? ©

Neil adds:

"The buildings look like they are disused, part of an unfinished terrace judging by the stones on the left. The numbering is 4,5 and 6.

Somebody might be able to tell about the type of street light or the railings around the grassed in the foreground.  It might not be Edinburgh !"

Neil Lawrence:  November 16, 2007

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    Postcard by TP Lugton.  Where is it? ©

If you recognise this scene or can read the handwriting, please e-mail me.

Thank you.

- Peter Stubbs:  November 27, 2007




Neil Lawrence

Thank you to Neil Lawrence who sent me this message a few hours after I added the picture to the web site.

Neil wrote:

"I did a bit of searching on Google and might have come up with answer.  Here is a link to  a history of Fettes collage web page.

They have a house called Kimmerghame House.  It opened at 6 Moredun Crescent.  I will look at the old maps on my GIS system to see if it matches,

Neil Lawrence:  November 27, 2007




Neil Lawrence

Neil Lawrence replied:

"It seems too good to be true that we have solved the query so quickly – it must be 6 or more years that we have been looking at it wondering if it was Edinburgh or not."

Neil Lawrence:  November 28, 2007



Anthea Gage

Anthea Gage who wrote:

"I lived at 5 Moredun Crescent from 1956 to 1968 along with:

my father, (Edward Gage, art master at Fettes College)

-  my mother (Valerie, art teacher at  at St Denis and Cranley)

-  my brother and sister, Henry and Caroline.

My parents are both now dead, but they loved Fettes. Dad went there for 16 weeks to do supply teaching and stayed 16 years.

Dad was a well respected watercolourist and Art Critic of the Scotsman for 25 years.  I am a painter as well now, and also a teacher like mum and dad were.

I loved living in our house as a family home and have many fond memories of it.  I have many memories of playing in the large field that was beside the terrace, and in the allotment at the top as well.  Thank you for rekindling these for me with the postcard of Moredun Crescent."

Anthea Gage:  March 19, 2011




Tiggy Archdale (née Naiff)

Thank you to Tiggy Archdale (née Naiff) who replied:

3 Moredun Crescent

    Danube Street, Stockbridge  -  December 2012 ©

"I lived at No.3 Moredun Crescent from 1954 until 1967. My father taught at Fettes College.

I have fond memories of playing with Anthea and her sister Caroline and a gang of other children, in the field opposite our house and in the allotments at the top of the crescent.

We seemed to be always playing in the sunshine - happy memories!"

Tiggy Archdale (née Naiff):  December 7, 2012


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