Valentine's Postcards


A fishing Village on the Firth of Forth, 3 miles from the centre of Edinburgh

A Newhaven Fishwife and girl and the Scottish song, Caller Herrin'  -  A  Valentine postcard in colour

Caller Herrin'

The west side of Newhaven Fishmarket  -  A  Valentine postcard

Newhaven Fishmarket

A Newhaven Fishwife, with sea cliffs in the background  -  A  Valentine postcard in colour

Newhaven Fishwife

A postcard by DF & Co  -  Newhaven Fishwife in working dress, with a creel.

Newhaven Fishwives

Four generations of Newhaven Fishwives -  A  Valentine postcard in colour

Newhaven Fishwives

Newhaven Streets  -  Annfield Promenade  - A Valentine Postcard

Annfield Promenade



Valentine's Postcards

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