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Valentine Postcards

1896 to the 1960s

James Valentine & Sons Ltd produced Christmas Cards from 1880 and picture postcards from 1896    [DPP]

They produced many thousands of views, mainly of Britain, often re-using some of their old negatives on new postcards.

Valtentines continued to produce postcards until the 1960s.  The company was taken over by John Waddington & Co of Leeds in 1963 then sold to Hallmark Cards Inc in 1980.

Valentine Monochrome Postcards

An extensive collection of monochrome Valentine topographical postcards, and associated records, is now held by St Andrews' University Library, Scotland.

Valentine Colour Postcards

The colour series of Valentine postcards were sold off as a going concern to another Dundee firm, Whiteholme Ltd.,  the successor of J B White, a small scale rival for Valentine’s Scottish market (Courier and Advertiser, 3 Oct. 1974). 

Please click here for more details of the history of Valentine's Publishing business and of the photographer, James Valentine.

James Valentine

   James Valentine ©

James Valentine was one of the founding members of Edinburgh Photographic Society.



Valentine's Postcards

Company History

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Published 1896-1919

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