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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


-  D & D

- Market Cross in Edinburgh Royal Mile

-  DEY Corstorphine, Edinburgh

- The Convalescent House at Corstorphine

- Other post cards of Corstorphine

Posted 1907

-  DF & Co  York

See Delittle, Fenwick & Co.(below)

-  DRG  (Dickinson Robinson Group  -  possibly incorporating J Arthur Dixon

Modern card

- Edinburgh Castle by night

- Edinburgh from Calton Hill

On sale 1988

-  D & SK   Davidson & Son, Kirkcaldy

[no named series]

- Central Edinburgh

Posted 1909-10

Davidson's Carbon Series

- Princes Street

- Princes Street Gardens

- The Scott Monument

Davidson's Real Photographic Series

Posted 1910

Ideal Series

- Calton Hill   (with the legend:  "Greetings")

Scotch Design Series

   Postcard published by D & SK  -  Fleet protecting the Forth Rail Bridge

A series of cards with tartan borders and white heather or thistles

- Princes Street

- Holyrood

- Edinburgh Castle

- Fleet protecting the Forth Bridge

John Davidson & Son were:

-  1900:  Booksellers, stationers and newsagent, 111 High Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
-  1921:  Wholesale stationers:  Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
(Source:  Slater's Directories  -  with acknowledgement to Alan Provan for this information).

-  Davidson Brothers London, N York

All British Photo Series

- Princes Street

Posted 1906-11

-  Davidson's  Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

Davidson Postcard - The Forth Bridge - When you see the Forth Bridge like this, sign the pledge

Silver Tone Series  -   D&SK Ideal Series

- Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle

- When you see the Forth Bridge like this - sign the pledge!



Valentines of Dundee now own the copyright on postcards published by:

-  Valentine & Sons Ltd

-  Davidsons (Ideal and Silvertone series)

Valentines of Dundee is a limited company still in existence, albeit non-trading.  Valentines of Dundee is now owned by Hallmark.


-  Dawson Typo   Galashiels

An early black + white postcard with an undivided back, showing 1 small view of Edinburgh and three other small views related to Sir Walter Scott.  The front of this card also included a short verse by Scott and a large area for writing the message.

- Edinburgh    Not posted

Delittle Fenwick & Co  York

The following cards bearing the name D F & Co, York were probably by  Delittle, Fenwick & Co., printer/publisher of Railway Street, York.

- Dean Bridge

- Newhaven Fishwife

Around Edinburgh  -  Statue of Sir Walter Scott  -  A postcard by Deloitte Fenwick for Shurey's Publications

Delittle Fenwick was also one of several companies that published postcards for Shurey's publications:

Printed by Delittle, Fenwick & Co, York for Shurey's Publications.

-  Scott's Statue Edinburgh 

Stamp square message: "Printed by Delittle, Fenwick & Co, York for Shurey's Publications"
Address-side message says that the card was issued free with Shurey's Publications

-  Dennis, ETW  & Sons  London, Scarborough

Princes Street  -  Heavy Traffic at the West End  -  a black and white photograph by E T W Dennis & Sons

[no named series]

- Several small views of Edinburgh on a single card

- Central Edinburgh

Posted 1918-2001

The Dainty Series

- Royal Scots Greys Monument in Princes Street

Posted 1918-2001

[A series of drawings in pastel shades by E UDEN]

- 40101:  Queen Mary's Bath, Edinburgh

- 40110:  Burns Memorial and Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh

- 40112:  Old Tolbooth, Canongate, Edinburgh

Not posted

-  Dickson, William

- At the top of Arthur's Seat, King's Park, Edinburgh

-  Dennis Print Scarborough

Postcard from a photograph by A Curtis

- St Giles Cathedral

Postcard produced for 'Action for Blind People

- Edinburgh Castle

-  Dixon, J Arthur

Card published by National Trust

-  Gladstone's Land

On sale 2001

Donnelly Photo   Address not known

Postcard by 'Donnelly Photo'  -  Where was this photo taken?  -  Probably somewhere in or around Edinburgh

I have sen just the one postcard by 'Donnelly Photo' (It is reproduced above, excluding its white border.)  The location is not given, but this card comes from a collection in which  all the other cards are of Edinburgh, so it seems likely that this photo was also taken in or around Edinburgh.  Where might this photo have been taken?

- Where is it?

Not posted

Durie Brown & Co, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Princes Street  -  Post Card with Christmas greeting

Some cards produced 1910-20 were still being sold in 1960s   [TR]

One card I have gives the address 63 Princes Street, and another gives their address as The Picture Post Card Bureau, 106 Princes Street.  Stan Mason has given me yet another address for the company, 68 Princes Street!

Pixie Series

The logo on this series of cards is a small picture of a pixie and the initials DBE (=Durie Brown  Edinburgh)

- 1908  Exhibition (colour)

-  Calton Hill and Nelson Monument, Edinburgh (black + white)

-  Colinton Dell

-  Drummond Castle, Hawthornden (sepia)

-  Edinburgh Castle from the North (black + white)

-  Historic Holyrood and Queen Mary  (sepia)  Posted 1908

-  Holyrood Palace and Queen Mary (sepia)

-  Opening of the Scottish National Exhibition ...Prince Arthur ... (black + white)

-  Queen Mary's Dial, Holyrood  (sepia)

-  Queen Mary's Supper Room, Holyrood  (sepia)

-  Royal Mile  (Edinburgh - Heralds "summon" Piers to Parliament)

-  Scottish National Exhibn 1908, photographed by night (Jas. Patrick), (106 Princes St, b+w)

-  The Esplanade, Edinburgh Castle  (sepia)  Posted 1921

-  The Lodge and Bridge, Dreghorn, near Colinton  (sepia)

-  The Old Church Colinton  (sepia)

[No series named]

-  Princes Street, Edinburgh (colour)  Posted 1905

-  Princes Street, Scott Monument from Edinburgh NB Station Hotel, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Proclamation of King George V... Mercat Cross (Valentine), (blind stamp 63 Princes St, b+w)



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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