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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


-  R A (Post Cards) Ltd  London

The Forth Rail Bridge and the ferry boat,Queen Margaret, on the Queensferry Passage at South Queensferry

RA Postcards were probably by Radermacher, Aldous & Co., London
[Mike Pettigrew]

-  Princes Street

-  Newhaven Harbour, looking west   Posted 1937

-  Princes Street and Holyrood Palace (sepia)   Posted 1946

-  Roxburghe Hotel, Charlotte Square

-  R Grant & Son, 107 Princes Street

-  St Martin's Church, Edinburgh (including photos of two of its Ministers)

-  The Forth Bridge from South Queensferry

QUERY:  Please e-mail me if you can tell me contact details for the person I should contact for permission to add R A postcards to the EdinPhoto web site.  I have been unable to find these details. To date, I have added one RA view.  It is the view of South Queensferry above.  The view may well have been taken shortly after the ferry commenced service.  If so, this card will already be out of copyright.

-  R B Ltd   (Rock Brothers)

Postcard by BR (or RB)  -  St Margaret's Loch and St Anthony's Chapel in Holy

I have three RB cards, both with coloured views, within Holyrood Park.

The name of this company does not appear on their card but a logo appears consisting of the letters B and R.  This is a different company from B & R above.

- Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat

- Mercat Cross, Royal Proclamation

- St Margaret's Loch, St Anthony's Chapel, Edinburgh

All have been posted between 1904 and 1910

-  RIAS/RCAHMS  Edinburgh

I have only seen one postcard published jointly by these two organisations:

-  The Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland and
-  The Royal Commission on Ancient & Historic Monuments in Scotland.

Both organisations are based in Edinbrugh. Both their emblems have been reproduced on the back of the postcard.  The subject of this card is:

-  Dean Village (drawn by Alexander Archer

R & R

Camera Series

Posted 1913

-  R R R -  E    R R Ritchie, Edinburgh

Postcard by RRR of Edinburgh  (Who was he?)  -  Crown Terrace, West Links, Cockenzie


Thank you to those who have replied below to my question: "Who was JRRE-E'?"


Reply 1

David Anderson has made some speculation below, which seemed very reasonable to me until  I read 'Reply 2' below.

David wrote:

"Has anyone been able to tie down the identity of the postcard publisher RRR-E with any certainty?

Would it be fair to say that it's likely to be R Russel Ramsay, as you have John R Ramsay confirmed as associated with the tag JRR-E.

The dates suggest a father and son, and if overlapping in trade in the period 1900-10 then the RRR-E and JRR-E idents might differentiate their businesses.

Any thoughts?"

David Anderson:  June 28, 2007

If you can help to confirm who 'RRR- E' was please e-mail me and I'll pass on the details to David.

Thank you .  -  Peter Stubbs; June 28, 2007.


Reply 2

Thank you to Donald Manson, Kirkcaldy, who wrote:

"A few days ago I bought a Postcard of The Cottage Hospital, Kirkcaldy.  On the front, on the right-hand side are the initials RRR over E.

On the reverse there is a 'handstamp' message.  The card is written on behalf of  R.R. Ritchie and refers to a Mr Handyside.  The card is Postmarked Edinburgh'.

The back of an 'RRR-E' postcard of The Cottage Hospital, Kirkcaldy 

Could this card, like others, be privately made to order for the said Mr Ritchie?"

Donald Manson, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:  June 10, 2010

Please click on the thumbnail image above to enlarge the image and to read further comments from Donald Manson.

Peter Stubbs; June 28, 2007.


Reply 3

Thank you to Jane Martin who wrote providing more evidence that the letters 'RRR over E' referred to RR Ritchie, Edinburgh.  However the message that Jane sent to me raises more questions.

Jane sent me images of:

a)  Postcard of Blairadam House, Kinross-shire by 'RRR - E'

b)  Back of above card which had a message which appears to have been used  to provide a quote for supplying batches of postcards either by or for R R Ritchie of 82 South Bridge, Edinburgh:


for 1,000

say 6 views


R R Ritchie

82 South Bridge


c)  Postcard of Blairadam House, Kinross-shire by 'B & GB' with a very similar front and identical back to the card in a) above.

Jane Martin asked:

1.   "Was RRR-E = R R Ritchie?"          It looks like 'yes' to me.

2.  "What is known about RRR-E?"     See below

2.  "What is known about B&GB?"       I know nothing about this Co.

Jane Martin:  January 28, 2011

I agree with Jane's conclusion above.  i.e. RRR-E does appear to have been R R Ritchie.

In the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory, 1903-04, I found this advert for RR Ritchie's business:

Robert R Ritchie

Wholesale Hardware and Fancy Goods Merchants

Importer of every description of Toys and Foreign Fancy Goods; Wholesale Dealer in Brushes, Carpet Brooms, Carpet Sweepers, Combs, Enamelled Hardware, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Bags, Purses, Dressing Cases, Writing Cases, Photo Albums and Frames, Accordions, Concertinas, Violin Strings and Fittings, Walking Sticks, Pipes, Cigar and Cigarette Tubes, Clocks, Watches, Jewellery, Silver and Electro-plated Goods




Reply 4

Thank you to Lindsay Farmer, Los Angeles, USA who wrote:

"I recently purchased a Real Photo Postcard (RRPC) of Limekilns, Fife, Scotland, with 'RRR-E' on the front lower-right corner.

I believe that 'RRR-E' was "R. R. Ritchie, Wholesale Fancy Goods, 11 South Bridge, Edinburgh

I believe the firm was started by Robert Richard Ritchie (c1827 - 1892) and was continued by his son Robert Louis Ritchie (30 Jan 1864 - 1928)

Here are some references:"


Edinburgh Gazette
July 17, 1925

"The estate of Robert Louis Ritchie (trading as R.R. Ritchie), Wholesale Fancy Good Merchant, 11, South Bridge, Edinburgh, were sequestered on the 14th day of July, 1925, by the Sheriff of the Lothians and Peebles."

Ref:  London Gazette



Edinburgh Gazette
April 5, 1927

"Sequestration of Robert Louis Ritchie, trading as R.R. Ritchie, 11 South Bridge, Edinburgh.

Ref Edinburgh Gazette


Here are a few 'RRR-E' postcards of Edinburgh scenes:

-  Cockenzie  Posted 1919

-  Cramond Bridge  Posted 1903?   Check this.  The date is much earlier than the other two.

-  Glencorse Barracks Posted 1904

-  Granton Harbour Posted 1918-20

-  R & W -  E

The name is presumably an abbreviation for 'R & W - Edinburgh'. 
But, who were 'R and W'?

-  The Ferry, Cramond     Posted 1906

-  Ralston, W   Glasgow

-  Edinburgh Castle Tattoo
-  Floral Clock, Princes Street Gardens  (E24)   
[The 1956 Clock]

-  Rapid Photo Printing Co    London

- Edinburgh Castle and Galleries

- Edinburgh - Queen Mary's Bedroom Holyrood

-  Edinburgh Princes Street showing Scott's Monument

Rayner, Richard A

Richard  A Rayner produced probably about 400 photos, used on postcards published by JB White, Dundee in the early 1900s.

Some of these cards were published under what J B White described as their 'Scotia Series'.  others (in some cases the same images) published without any series name.

Many of these postcards have two young children in the scene.  I assume that these were his own children.

Most of his photos are of a few locations around the centre and south of Edinburgh:

Holyrood Park

-  Princes Street Gardens

-  Edinburgh Castle

-  Blackford Hill

-  Braid Hills

-  Swanston

Here is a full list of  R A Raynor postcards that I have seen.

This list is in numerical order.  In some cases cards for the same number have minor differences: perhaps the same scene but different people or transport in the foreground.  In other cases a card may have been withdraw,- e.g. cards showing scenes for Royal Visits, and been replaced by a completely different scene.

-  Reelfot    printed in Italy

-  Mound, Castle and Scott Monument  (340/325)    posted 1917

Reis, A Louis  & Co, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen

- Views of Edinburgh (colour)

Reis, Chas L & Co  Glasgow          

Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast  -  from 1910    [TR]

- The Scott Monument

- Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat [+ head of Mary Queen of Scots]   

Posted 1910

-  Rembrandt Intaglio Printing Co

Rembrandt Series

- Abbeyhill Gates of Holyrood

-  Rentons Ltd  Prince's Street, Edinburgh

- Princes Street

-  Rhind, W J Edinburgh

Postcard  -  W J Rhind, Edinburgh  -  W F Stewart's Mission Yacht, "Albatross"

- Mission Yacht, "Albatross"

This is the only postcard that I have seen by W J Rhind, Edinbrugh.  I don't know whether W J Rhind was the photographer or publisher.

Posted 1904

-  Richter, C   London

- Central Edinburgh

- Granton Docks and Harbour

Posted 1949

Rintoul, D  Stationer, Craighall Road, Trinity

I have seen just two postcards by D Rintoul.  Both come from the collection of Malcolm Cant.

-  Newhaven Harbour, Looking west    Posted 1944

-  Newhaven West    Not posted

Ritchie & Son, William  Edinburgh + London

Reliable Series   -  See 'W R & S' below for further details

- Fishwife at the Tolbooth

William Ritchie (1824-1900) opened a bookshop, The Edinburgh Bible Warehouse,  in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.  He later opened a wholesale stationery warehouse at 16 Elder Street holding a wide variety of stock, and was known in the trade as "Wullie A'thing"  Following the death of William in 1900, the business was carried on by his two sons. [PPP]

The post card business of William Ritchie & Son began in 1903.  Early cards were printed in Germany.  Several logos were used, including 'WR&S'     [TR]


R A Rayner  [RAR-E]

Scotia Series

- King's Park

from 1918

-  Robertson, JT  Post Office, Easter Road

Postcard published by JT Ropbertson

Albion Road, Edinburgh  (717)    Posted 1914

- Edinburgh Eastern General Hospital

- Thirlstane Road

-  Robertson  Edinburgh + Liberton

Robertson's Series

- Arden Street, Edinburgh     Not posted

- Boroughmuir H G School, Edinburgh     Posted 1912

- Edinburgh suburbs  -  Marchmont Street    Posted 1921-25

- Edinburgh suburbs  -  Thirlston Terrace    Posted 1921-25

-  Roman Photography, Glasgow  

Photographs by Roman Michnowicz

On sale 2001

-  Rommel Cards

- Princes Street

Posted 1906

-  Royal Botanic Garden  Edinburgh

This is an attractive colour postcard which captures the atmosphere of the gardens well.  This postcard may well have been published by the Royal Botanic Gardens.  There is no publisher's name on the card, but it states 'Crown Copyright'

Royal Botanic Garden  -  View to the South: Edinburgh skyline  - Posted 1993

-  Royal Infirmary  Edinburgh

This card comes from the collection of Malcolm Cant.  It is 'postcard-size' but is not a postcard.  The whole of the back of the card is taken up by "Some Facts and Figures for The Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh", leaving no room for any address or message.

Memento of the Royal Infirmary Pageant 1923  - Not posted

-  Royal Observatory Edinburgh

- 31 inch telescope at the Royal Observatory, (1987)

-  Roxburgh  Granton

- Edinburgh suburbs  -  Granton Harbour

Posted 1913

Russell, JR   [JRRE]  Edinburgh


  A postcard by J R Russel of Edinburgh  -  On the Firth of Forth


Thumbnail Images

JRRE Postcards


2nd Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith (now 'Western General Hospital')

-  Arthur's Sear

-  Arboretum Avenue (Initials 'T B T' in corner

-  Barclay Church and Glengyle Terrace

-  Black Watch Memorial, The Mound  (undivided back)

-  Blackford Hill

-  Bonnington United Free Church

-  Colinton - Fever Hospital:  Opening by King Edward, 1903

-  Castle and Esplanade

-  Castle from Grassmarket  (undivided back)

-  Castle from the Grassmarket (The "Raeburn" Series)

-  Castle from Princes Street Gardens (The "Raeburn" Series)

-  Castle (two views on one card)

-  Castle Street:  Sir Walter Scott's House

-  Craigmillar Castle (Speedwell)

-  Dean Bridge and Holy Trinity Church

-  Duddingston:  Prince Charlie's House

-  Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, from the north

-  Ferry Boat and Boatman's Cottage, Cramond

-  Forth Bridge  (undivided back)

-  25 George Square:  Home of Sir Walter Scott's youth

-  Gilmerton Village Cross Roads

-  Greyfriars' Bobby

-  Highland Outfit  "In the Garb of Old Gaul" (undivided back)

-  Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat  (surround = several tartans)

-  Jawbone Walk, West Meadows

-  Little France and Queen Mary's Tree, Craigmillar

-  Newhaven Fishwife

-  Princes Street and N B Station Hotel  (undivided back)

-  Prison

-  Roseburn House

-  Royal Scottish Volunteer Review, 1905

-  Royal Scots Greys Memorial (probably Valentine)

-  Royal Visit to Edinburgh, 1905 (several different views)

-  St Anthony's Chapel and St Margaret's Loch

-  St John's Church

-  St Michael's Church,  North Merchiston

-  Scotch Fisher Lasses:  "Wha'll buy caller herrin!" (Speedwell)

-  Scottish National Exhibition, Edinburgh,  1908

-  View of Water of Leith near Colinton

-  Waterloo Place

Posted Many 1904-05, some 1906-11, one 1936



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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