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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


-  McAdam's Institution   57 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh

I have seen just one card published for McAdam's Commercial Training Institution.  The card comes from Malcolm Cant's collection.  It shows the shop at 55-57, Shandwick Place near the West End of Princes Street, with three floors above the shop.  McAdam's name and business have been superimposed on the card in yellow lettering.

- McAdam's Institution, Shandwick Place    Posted - date not legible

Macara & Co  Edinburgh

- The Scott Monument

-  Mackie's & Co  Edinburgh

A postcard advertising Mackie's business in Princes Street

- Mackie's Luncheon and Tea Rooms

-  Macniven & Wallace 

- Newhaven Harbour (colour) (ED12)

Not posted

McCorquodale & Co Ltd.  Glasgow + London

Postcard pub lished by McCorquodale & Co Ltd  -  Caledonian Railways' Princes Street Station Hotel and the West End of Princes Street

- Princes Street Station Hotel (+ Princes Street at the West End) coloured:  not posted

- Princes Street Station Hotel (Dining Room)  -  black + white:  posted 1908

- Princes Street Station Hotel (Grand Staircase)  -  black + white:  posted 1908

McGregor, J.  29 Newington Road, Edinburgh

I have only heard of one Edinburgh postcard by this photographer/publisher.  I've not seen a copy of the card.  It comes from a collection in Ontario, Canada

- Blackford Hill    posted 1904

John Menzies

-  McCulloch, John A  Edinburgh?

Postcard by John A McCulloch, Edinburgh  -  Musicians in the Senegalese Village at the Scottish National Exhibition, 1908

- Scottish National Exhibition, 1908 - Senegalese Village - The Musicians (See above)

- Scottish National Exhibition, 1908 - Senegalese Village - A Group of Women

- Scottish National Exhibition, 1908 - Senegalese Village - The Tailor

Also, at least 7 other photos of the Senegalese village from the same series.

-  McGregor  Newington, Edinburgh?

I have only seen one postcard by this publisher.  It has a divided back and was posted in 1904, so it must have been published between 1902 and 1904.

St Leonard's Church and Nelson's Works, Newington, Edinburgh

Newington Series

- St Leonard's Church and Nelson's Works

McKenzie & Co  London

Postcard by McKenzie & Co  -  Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

- Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket.

-  MacKenzie, T&G Athletic Outfitters, 6 Bank Street,, Edinburgh

A postcard by R & G MacKenzieto commemorate the record number of Scottish Caps awarded to the Heart of Midlothian footballer, Bobby Walker

The only postcard that I have seen published by T & G MacKenzie is the one above, published some time after late 1909 to celebrate Hearts footballer Bobby Walker's record number of Scotland caps

-  Mackie Princes Street, Edinburgh

Mackie's Luncheon and tea Rooms were near the West End of Princes Street, with a roof garden "looking towards the castle".

I have only seen one photograph by Mackie.  On the front it has a photograph of the roof garden and on the back it gives the prices of the company's tins of shortbread.

This card comes from Malcolm Cant's collection.

- Mackie's Luncheon and Tea Rooms, Princes Street Roof Garden    Not posted

McLagan and Cumming

Postcard by Mclagan and Cumming  -  Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens  -  1916

This was the printer of the postcards, rather than the publisher.  The name appears in the stamp box.  The postage rate is given as: 'FOREIGN 1D  INLAND (blank)'

I have only seen one postcard by this printer.  The card was written on July 5, 1916

-  Edinburgh Floral Clock.

-  McLaren 146 Duke Street, Leith

I have only seen one postcard view of Edinburgh from McLaren of Leith.  It t comes from the collection of Malcolm Cant

- Duke Street, Leith    Posted 1916

-  McVey  London Road

- Edinburgh suburbs - London Road

Posted 1916

-  Maines, F  London

Railway Photographs

- Steam Engine with Royal Hotel in Princes Street in the background

-  Manclark, Frank Forsgard  'The Leith Artist'  Edinburgh

Painting by Frank Forsgard Manclark, 'The Leith Artist'   -   Newhaven Sunset

Frank Forsgard Manclark is an Edinburgh artist.  His series of postcards, published in the early 2000s, illustrate examples of his work.  These postcards include the following views:

-  Early Morning Newhaven

-  Newhaven Sunset

-  The Great Michael returns to Newhaven

-  Working Mates Newhaven (two fishing boats)

-  Edinburgh Festival (fireworks at Edinburgh Castle, from Calton Hill)

-  Romantic Edinburgh (view towards Edinburgh Castle, from Calton Hill)

-  Black Eagle of Leith (a Leith boat beside the Forth Rail Bridge)

-  Marshall, James A  Glasgow

- Edinburgh Castle (drawn by Ann R Thomas)

M & L Ltd   See Miller & Lang below

M & L cards were published by Miller & Lang

Marshall Keene & Co,  Hove, Sussex

Postcard by Marshall Keene & Co  -  St George's School for Girls, Library

The card above shows the interior of an Edinburgh school, "Photographed and Published by Marshall Keene & Co., Works, Hove, Sussex".   Did the company specialised in school photographs? 

Judging by the Serial No on the card, they may have produced many cards.  However, the one illustrated above and listed below is the only one that I have seen:

- St George's School for Girls Edinburgh Library (34309)  Posted 1961 *

* Despite this relatively recent date of posting, the sepia photo on the card looks to me to be considerably earlier.  I have found another card by the same publisher on the internet, numbered 32044 and dated 1942

-  Mason, JM  Edinburgh

- 5 North West Circus Place (shop)  (colour view)

- Ainslie Place (colour view)  Posted 1905

- Moray Place (colour view)  Posted 1906


I have only seen one postcard in Mason's Alpha Series.  It is in Malcolm Cant's Collection.

Alpha Series

- Edinburgh, West End (ED29, Photo by J F Lawrence)    Not posted

-  Mathewson, D Chemist, Blackhall, Edinburgh

- Edinburgh Suburbs - Blackhall

- Craigcrook Castle [No 581]  Posted 1910

Posted 1907

-  Maule, Robert & Son, Princes Street, Edinburgh

I have only seen one postcard by Maule & Son.  The card is in Malcolm Cant's collection.  On the front, it has a colour photo of the store, Robert Maule & Son, at the West End of Princes Street. 

On the back is a photograph of a small child holding a teddy bear and the slogan:    "Meet Me at Maules"  This used to be a favourite meeting place, under the clock on the corner of the street at Maules.

- Robert Maule & Son, Princes Street    Posted 1908

Meer, F  3 Amen Corner, London EC4

I have only seen one postcard in Mason's Alpha Series.  It is in Malcolm Cant's Collection.

Alpha Series

- Railway at foot of Scotland Street - black and white,  not posted

-  Menzies, John & Co  Edinburgh

Postcard published by John Menzies & Co.  -  No 1293  -  Edinburgh Castle and esplanade

Coats of Arms for Edinburgh and Scotland appear on the cards below:

- Princes Street from Calton Hill  - Posted 1906
- The Castle, Edinburgh              - Posted 1907

Caledonia Series

-  Davidson's Mains, station

-  Davidson's Mains School

Thank you to Fiona Gebbie for telling me that the cards in this Caledonia Series (which have a 'JM' in a shield) were published by John Menzies.  Fiona added: "This series includes cards from all areas of Scotland, usually real photo cards."

 Fiona Gebbie:  September 21, 2010

Meredith, Owen Bromley, Kent

Sample cards: 100 for 1/3d

- Sir Walter Scott's Monument

-  Mezzotint Co  Brighton

- 1905 Edinburgh Royal Visit

-  Millar, A  Stationer, Newhaven

I have seen only one postcard by A Millar  It comes from the collection of Malcolm Cant.

- Princes Street  Posted 1919

Millar & Lang, Art Publishing Co Glasgow THEN London

Millar & Lang produced many postcards in the early 1900s.  The company went into liquidation in 1982 and their Scottish postcard assets were acquired by Whiteholme (Publishers) Dundee, a company established by two or the former workers of the postcard publishers,  J B White & Co, Dundee.

National Series   

All the postcards by Miller & Lang that I have seen have been designated: 'National Series'.   These fall into three categories.   See below:

1.  Post cards produced from 1903 until 1940  [dates suggested by Tom Reilly]

- The Scott Monument from the Gardens  (New colour crayon process: drawing by Andrew Allan)

-  Floral Clock, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh (colour)

- The Forth Bridge  (with glitter - possibly for Christmas)

- St Mary's Cathedral  (with glitter - possibly for Christmas)

- St Giles (sepia)

- Calton Hill (colour)  Posted 1919

2.  Post cards possibly produced later

- Several small views of Edinburgh on a single card (black + white)   Posted 1964

- Princes Street (colour)   Posted 1968

3. "New Colour-crayon process from original drawings by Andrew Allan"

All the cards in this series are line drawings with delicate hand-drawings.  All are described as 'National Series'.  Most but not all have Miller & Lang Ltd name and Glasgow address and 'M&L' monogram on the back of the cards.

In addition to the Edinburgh cards listed below Miller & Lang also produced several cards of London and Glasgow  in this series, all based on original drawings by Andrew Allan.  These are the Edinburgh cards that I know of:

I don't know whether the cards were all first published together or whether they were published over an extended period.  The earliest postmark that I have seen on one of these cards is 1937; the latest is 1961.

RED titles below are for cards that are not in my collection. 
Thank you to Donald Beets, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, for providing the titles in RED below.

-  Bakehouse Close, Canongate, Edinburgh

-  Band Stand, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

-  Burns Monument

-  Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh (possibly from Cannonball House)

-  Edinburgh Castle, from Grassmarket

-  Edinburgh from Calton Hill

-  Edinburgh from the Castle, Looking East

-  The Forth Bridge from South Queensferry

-  George Street Edinburgh Looking East

-  Holyrood Palace Edinburgh (several different variations)

-  John Knox House, High Street, Edinburgh

-  The Mercat Cross, High Street, Edinburgh

-  National Gallery and Castle, Edinburgh

-  Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

-  Princes Street, Edinburgh

-  Queen Mary's Bath, Canongate, Edinburgh

-  The Scott Monument, Edinburgh, from the Gardens

-  Scottish American War Memorial, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

-  The Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh

-  The Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh (back view)

-  The Scottish National War Memorial Edinburgh, Entrance to the Shrine

-  St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

-  Tolbooth, Canongate, Edinburgh

-  Waterloo Place, Edinburg

Question  1

1.  The Artist
What is known of the artist, Andrew Allan? 
When did he produce these sketches of Edinburgh?
Who now owns the copyright on these images?

Question  2

2.  The Publisher
What is known about the publisher, Miller & Lang?
When did Miller & Lang first publish the Andrew Allan images?
Who now owns the copyright on Miller & Lang postcards?

Question 1


1.  The Artist
Thank you to Angela Bartok for telling me that Andrew Allen was a graduate at the Glasgow School of Art.
Acknowledgement:  Angela Bartok, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:  February 7, 2011

Question 3

3  The Publisher
In addition to the 'National Series' postcards with the Miller & Laing (M&L) logo, I have many 'National Series' postcard with no publisher's name shown.  Who is likely to have published these?

National Series Postcards

Who published National Series including
this one and those listed below?

-  Princes Street and NBR Hotel, Edinburgh (b+w), (glitter added)

-  St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh (b+w), (glitter added)

-  Calton Hill (sepia)

-  Calton Hill, Edinburgh (sepia with border), (No.SV522)

-  Princes Street and Scott Monument from NB Hotel (sepia)

-  St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (sepia)

'National Series' postcard  -  Canongate Parish Church

-  Black Watch on Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Calton Hill, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Canongate Church, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Castle Rock, Edinburgh (colour),  (glitter added)

-  Castle Rock, Edinburgh (colour), (in oval frame)

-  Edinburgh Castle (with Black Watch Parade) (colour)

-  Leith Academy (colour)

-  Princes Street and NBR Hotel, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Princes Street and Scott Monument, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Princes Street and Scott Monument, Edinburgh (colour), (+ horse shoe + heather)

-  St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (colour)

-  St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Scotch Fishwives (colour)

-  Scott Monument and Princes Street, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Scott Monument from the Gardens, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Swing Bridge, Leith Harbour (colour)

-  Tolbooth, Canongate, Edinburgh (colour)

-  Town Hall, Musselburgh (colour)

-  Edinburgh from the Castle, Looking East (colour crayon process: Andrew Allen)

-  Scottish American War Memorial (colour crayon process: Andrew Allen)

Posted 1904 to1926

Question 3

Reply 1

Thank you to George Pek, Canada for telling me (on Dec 21, 2013):

"The 'National Series' postcards were published by David Henderson, Belfast."  ***

     ***  Thank you for your comments, George.  However I believe that these 'National Series cards are likely to have been published by Miller & Laing, as mentioned in Reply 2 below.

Question 3

Reply 2

Thank you to Ellen Fitzsimmons who wrote, on 17 February 2014

"You talk about the National Series and not knowing who the publisher is. It is most likely Millar & Lang from Glasgow.

If you have access to Anthony Byatt's book "Picture Postcards and their Publishers" p. 186-187 you can read more about it. They also have illustrations of various trade marks used.

-  Mills, Ian, Photogrpahy  Crail, Fife, Scotland   

These are recent postcards, on sale in Edinburgh in 2008.They are coloured photos of Edinburgh views, including cards titled 

-  Edinburgh (several different cards)

-  Edinburgh Military Tattoo

-  Edinburgh Tattoo

-  Greyfriars' Bobby

-  St Giles Cathedral

-  The Palace of Holyroodhouse

-  The Royal Mile

-  The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

-  Milne, W & J Ltd  45 Princes Street, Edinburgh

The photograph below is taken from a negative by Valentine

- Princes Street  Posted 1919

-  Milton

Milton cards were published by Woolstone Brothers

-  Mingay Stationer  Portobello

- Portobello

-  Misch & Stock's    Printed in Saxony

Misch & Stock's Postcard  -  Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle     Misch & Stock's Postcard  -  Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle  

Nature Miniatures

- Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle


- University Union, Edinburgh  [98763]

-  Mitchell & Son, R  Printers: Clyde Street, Edinburgh

- Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Moffat  Edinburgh

- Scots Greys Memorial

-  Montgomery, AR Juniper Green

Postcard by A R Montgomery, Juniper Green  -  View of Juniper Green

Real Photo series


-  Baberton Lodge at Juniper Green

-  Castlelaw Hill, Pentland Hills

-  Currie

-  Glencorse Reservoir, Pentland Hills

-  Juniper Green

-  On the Pentlands

Thank you to D Richard Torrance for providing further info about A R Montgomery.  Please click the thumbnail image above to read more.

Morrison's Studios 137 Leith Street, Edinburgh

- Edinburgh Castle at Night

-  Moubray House, 51 High Street, Edinburgh

I have only seen two postcards produced for Moubray House. I don't know who published these card.  Both come from Malcolm Cant's collection. 

On the front of the first card is a photograph of a crowd waving to who (royalty?) leaving the shop at Moubray House. On the back is an advert for china and jewels, and the slogan for Moubray House:  "Patronised by HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales".

Th second card has photographs of Moubray House's two shops, their main shop at 51 High Street, and their branch at 183 Canongate - both addresses in Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

- Moubray House, 51 High Street, Edinburgh    Not posted

- Moubray House, 51 High Street and 183 Canongate, Edinbrugh    Not posted

-  Muse Productions    Stroud, England

This company produced several postcards for Dovecot Studios, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, in 2011 including:

-  MU2916  Infirmary Street Baths before being converted to Dovecot studios (inc. swimmer)

-  MU2917  'Orangutangle' the Jungle City Exhibition orangutan created at Dovecot Studios.

-  MU2921  Infirmary Street Baths before being converted to Dovecot studios (empty baths)

-  Museum of Scotland 34 High Street, Edinburgh

I have only seen one postcard.  It is in colour and looks fairly recent; say, 1970s or later.

 - View of first floor, toys games and dolls    Not posted



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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