Holyrood Park

with Dumbiedykes housing the background

Gordon, Maureen and Linda  -  around 1953

Workers at Nelson's Printers, around 1962

©  Maureen Mitchell (née Graham), Gilmerton, Edinburgh.


Holyrood Park

Thank you to Maureen Mitchell (née Graham) for providing this photograph.

Maureen wrote:

Gordon, Maureen and Linda

"This picture shows  Gordon, myself and my wee sister ,Linda in Holyrood Park with the top end of the Dumbiedykes in the background.

This was a popular place for all the kids around the area to go but, sadly, it sometimes had its bad side."


"Pictured in the Coronation picture below is Gordon Curran.

Coronation Party -  Dumbiedykes Road, The Balconies  -  1953 ©

About 1956/7 he, along with some other kids, were playing pole vaulting over the railings that went round  Braidwood house in the Plantation.

Unfortunately, he vaulted but fell onto the railings. In those days, of course, there wasn't the equipment to hand for the fire brigade and it took a long time to free him.  I beleive his injuries to be to his thigh .  Thankfully he survived that incident."

Maureen Mitchell (née Graham), Gilmerton, Edinburgh:  January 10, 2007



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