Edinburgh Waterfront

Saltire Square


'Going to the Beach'

Edinburgh Waterfront  -  The sculpture 'Going to the Beach' in the centre of Saltire Square

 Copyright:  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo taken 20 September 2005  12.57pm



Edinburgh Waterfront

Saltire Square

The Square

Saltire Square is a new square created in the middle of Edinburgh's Waterfront, beside the new road, Waterfront Avenue in 2004. 

The main road through this area and Saltire Square with its sculpture were created before any of the surrounding buildings were built.

By the time that this photograph was taken, in September 2005 buildings were being constructed in an area immediately to the north of Saltire Square, named Upper Strand.

In this photograph of Saltire Square:

-  Jet trails make a Saltire (St Andrews Cross) in the upper-left.

-  Flags fly in the high wind in the centre.

-  The sculpture casts shadows in the bottom-right.


The sculptue in the centre of Saltire Square is of a family, titled "Going to the Beach" .  This sculpture was cast at Powderhall Bronze, Edinburgh.  Their name appears on a satchel being carried by one of the figures.