Ferry Boat

'Mary Queen of Scots'

South Queensferry  -  About 1962

  A ferry  -  probably 'Mary Queen of Scots'  -   at South Queensferry

©  Graham Ferguson, Saudi Arabia


'Mary Queen of Scots'


Thank you to Graham Ferguson, now living in Saudi Arabia,  for sending the photograph above.  The photo would have been taken about a couple of years before the Forth Road Bridge opened and the ferry stopped operating.

Graham wrote

"I am working abroad so I browse your site more often now.  It makes me homesick.

Here is a photograph of what I think is the ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ ferry.  I took this photo when I was on a school trip with Peffermill Primary about 1962, when I was aged 11.

 Graham Ferguson, June 21, 2006

Here are more photos of 'Mary Queen of Scots':

   Mary Queen of Scots at North Queensferry, 1964 ©        Queen Margaret  and other ferries at North Queensferry  -  Photo probably taken shortly before the Forth Road Bridge opened ©


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