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Granton Middle Pier and Eastern Harbour  -  Around 1936-37

Edinburgh Railways  -  Granton Eastern Harbour and Railways

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas Yuill                                                                                   Photographer not known


Granton Railways and Harbour

Granton Eastern Harbour

This view looks over Lower Granton Road (out of picture) towards Granton Eastern Harbour and out towards the Firth of Forth. 

Much of the land around the harbour at this time was covered with railways.

On the left, a ship can be seen, berthed at Granton Middle Pier.

Granton Eastern Breakwater can be seen running across the photo (from the centre to the right-hand side).

The map below shows Granton Harbour in earlier days.



Here is a much earlier engraving taken looking out to Granton Eastern Harbour from a similar position:

Engraving  -  Granton Harbour


Ships in the Harbour


Thank you to Walter Lyle Hume, Isle of Wight, who wrote:

"I like this picture, and can give an approximate date of 1936-37.

The nearest ship on the Middle Pier is the Pharos, 1909-1956

The ship beyond it (- it is more the funnel than the actual ship that you can see) is the William Muir, 1879-1937.

The black object moored over by the East Breakwater was two Camels, submarine-type salvage vessels.

They had been brought from Rosyth to re-float a trawler which had been in collision off Newhaven Fish Market, from hazy memory February 1937."

Walter Lyle Hume, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, August 14, 2007




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