North Edinburgh Railways

Warriston Level Crossing

Looking to the west towards Warriston Cemetery

Looking to the west at Warriston Level Crossing

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Douglas Yuill                                                                                   Photographer not known


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   Looking to the west at Warriston Level Crossing


Warriston Level Crossing


This photograph is taken from a point about 1/4 mile to the east of Warriston Crematorium.

The line straight ahead runs between Warriston allotments, through the bridge under under  Warriston Road, then through Warriston Cemetery

Warriston Cemetery 5  -  Infra-red Photo

 before swinging round to the left and heading north towards Scotland Street Goods Yard.

Railways in North Edinburgh  -  Scotland Street Coal Yard

The line to Granton

The line running from left to right across the picture is the 'new' (since 1868!) route from the centre of Edinburgh to Trinity and Granton Harbour, via Abbeyhill, Easter Road, Leith Walk and Powderhall.

Edinburgh Railways  -  Granton Eastern Harbour and Railways


This crossing of the old railway lines can still be seen today, but all routes are now foot paths / cycle paths.

Many large trees have grown around the area.  These now hide the view towards the bridge over Warriston Road, the houses beside the bridge and the high ground on the left, St Mark's Park,  from view.  However a glimpse of the allotments in the valley on the right can still be seen today.




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