Leith Walk

Primary School

The Norwegian Seaman's Church, 25 North Junction Street, Leith  -  now home of the Leith School of Art ©

Class of 1957


Leith Walk School  -  1957  -  Final Year

©  Mr Harper (teacher)  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Robertson and Joe Day


Leith Walk Primary School

Final Year

The Photograph

Thank you to Andrew Robertson for sending me this photo.  Andrew tells me that  Joe Day, husband of Irene Day (née Sharrock), has asked him to send this photo.

Andrew added:

"This photo is of the class that left from Leith Walk Primary School for pastures new in 1957.  The photo was taken by our teacher, Mr Harper."

This photo would in fact have been taken some time between September and December 1956.  See 'Recollections 1' below.

These are the names that Andrew remembers -  with help from Ernie Killerby, George Priestly, Robert Moffat, Irene Day (née Sharrock) and her husband Joe Day who all met on April 4, 2008.

Names  (left to right):

Back Row

Donald Davidson; James Simmons; Alfred Dawson; Douglas Bowmaker; Andrew Robertson: Sandy Manson

Fifth Row

Amelia or Helen Davies; Not Known; Marian McDonald;
Kay Wilson; Helen or Amelia Davies.

Fourth Row

Terry Jones; James Watson; Robert Moffat; Roy Hossack;
 John Alexander: Derek Spalding.

Third Row

Irene Sharrock: Sandra Venters; Not Known; Helen Dick;
Valerie Sainsbury; Pat Taylor.

Second Row

Muriel Wiley; Shirley Thompson; Kathleen Kinghorn;
Madeline Sherlock (or ? Butler); Carol Fender; Pamela Burton.

Front Row

Frank Howarth; Ernest Killerby: Kenny Scott; Billy Porterfield;
Robert Bishop.

Andrew added:

"George Priestley was a well kent member of this class; it is presumed he was ill or absent on the day the photograph was taken."

Andrew Robertson:  March 11, 200 + April 6, 2008

50 Years Later

Here are some of the same pupils, photographed at an Anniversary Reunion at the school in 2007:

Leith Walk Primary School - 50th Anniversary Reunion  -  2007 ©




Frank Howarth

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Frank Howarth who wrote:

School Photo - 1956

"I just found out about this website today. I was absolutely astonished to see a picture of myself in the front row of "Class of Leith Walk Primary 1957."  However, I believe the picture to be from 1956. We immigrated to Canada in December of 1956."

Frank Howarth, Guelph, Ontario, Canada:  Message left in EdinPhoto Guest Book, May 6, 2008.

Thank you, Frank, for also sent  memories of life at 5 East Thomas Street.

I've now updated the note above to give the correct date.

Peter Stubbs.




Robert Bishop

Piershill, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Howarth who wrote:

Leith Walk Primary School


Moray House Secondary School

"I have just discovered this website.  I have often thought about my then classmates and  I recognised nearly all the names above, as I was in Alex Harper's class up to 1957 when I started at Moray House Secondary with James Simmons."

Leith Walk Primary School Reunion

"I kept in touch with John Alexander for some time but lost touch, unfortunately.

On reading that a class reunion had been held in The Ellwyn Hotel I was disappointed not to have known as I live just a short distance from it.  Should any future reunions be planned I would be grateful to be informed."


I don't know whether or not any more reunions are planned.  However, I'll send you the latest email address that I have for Tam McLuskey who told me about the last Reunion in 2012.  Then you can try sending an email to him and asking him if he knows of any plans to hold further reunions.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  17 May 2016

My Family

"I lived at 28 Brunswick Road until 1955 and my mother worked in the drysalters, Cochrane & Bishop, at 95 Easter Road until 1956."

My First Jobs

"On leaving Moray House School in 1960, my first job was an apprentice with Andrew Whyte & Sons, Manufacturing Stationers, on the corner of Easter Road and Bothwell Street, before starting as an apprentice engineer with Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department, at Shrubhill."

Whilst working at Andrew Whyte & Sons, I worked with Lynda Phillips, one of the girls that Irene Day mentions that she would like to make contact with in her Norton Park Recollections 2."

Loganlea Road

"Lynda lived round the corner from me in Loganlea Road and the last time I saw her would be around 1963 when she was about to get married and presumably move away from her parents' house.

Also living in Loganlea Road was Ian Wallace who attended Norton Park Secondary School 1957-1960.  The  last I heard of Ian he was when he was working for The SMT Motor Co."

Past Classmates

"It's good to know that so many are still interested in their school and past classmates."

Robert Bishop, Piershill, Edinburgh:  11 May 2016