Leith Walk

Primary School

Leith Walk Primary School, Brunswick Road. off Leith Walk, 2006 ©

50th Anniversary Reunion


A Leith Academy Class  -  1928-29  -  A photograph by J R Coltart

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement toIrene Day (née Sharrock) and her husband who took the photograph.


Leith Walk Primary School

50th Anniversary Reunion


The Photograph

Thank you to Irene Day, née Sharrock, now living in Wigan, Lancashire for sending me this photograph. 

Irene wrote:

"This photo was taken in Leith Walk playground in 2007, when we returned to Leith Walk Primary School for a reunion, after 50 years.  The photo was taken by my husband"

Irene Day (née Sharrock), Wigan, Lancashire, England:  March 1, 2008.


Irene gave me the names of the people in this photo.

They are (left to right):

-  Ronald Stout

-  Doris McDonald ***

-  Marian McDonald

Andrew Robertson

Milly Davies

Helen Davies

Christine Keith

-  Robert Moffat

Etta Rennie

-  John Alexander

-  Irene Sharrock

-  Kathleen Kinghorn

-  George Thompson ***

-  Kenneth Scott

Valerie Sainsbury

Shirley Thompson.

Dorothy mentioned that all the people above attended  Leith Walk Primary School.  All except the two marked (***) were in her class at the school.

Irene Day (née Sharrock), Wigan, Lancashire, England:  March 1, 2008.

50 Years Earlier

Here is a photograph of the same class taken in 1957: