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Moray House School  -  Class 3B  -  1955

Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably)

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ann Blissett (née Mackie), Vancouver.                                                Photographer not known.


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   Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably) ©




Ann Blissett (née Meikle)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Thank you to Anne Blissett (née Meikle) who previously attended Preston Street Primary School, for sending me this photograph of her class at Moray House secondary school.  Anne believes that this photo is probably of Class 3B, taken in 1955.

Anne hopes to be able to send me the names of some of the pupils in this photo.  I'll add the names to this page when I receive them.


Anne Bissett (née Meikle), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:  August 25, 2009




Liz Miller

St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands

Thank you to Liz Miller who wrote:

"This photo is, indeed, of Moray House demonstration School pupils.  The photo was taken outside the school's main entrance which still exists today."

Liz Miller, St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands:  July 28, 2010




George Robinson

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to George Robinson who wrote:


"Moray House School was divided into two houses Argyll and Montrose. There were green lapel badges for Argyll and maroon lapel badges for Montrose."


"The headmaster was George Mowat.  He came from Caithness.

The headmistress was Miss Fleming.

The janitor's first name was Fred. He married one of the pupils not long after she left school."

Date of the Photo

 "I would say the date of the photo, 1955, is correct, as the pupils would have born in 1941."

George Robinson, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh: July 29, 2012

Thank you to George for also telling me the name of some of the pupils and teacher in this photo:

Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably) ©

Please scroll down to see the names.


Moray House School

Class 3B  -  1955

     Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably) ©

Names:  left to right in each row


Back Row

Middle Row

Front Row



Richard Long

Robert Love



Sylvia Young



Ann Laurie
now Ann Robertson





David Dirom





Frances Turner






Ian Shand

Mr Tait





Sheila McEwan



George Christie

Scott Dickson

Scott Dixon








Winnie Wintour

Seth Turner



Names in black:  George Robinson, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh:  July 29, 2012

Names in red:  Ann Robertson (née Laurie):  March 27, 2013




George Robinson

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to George Robinson who wrote again about this photo and some of the pupils mentioned above:

     Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably) ©

George wrote:


"It was amazing to see this photograph.  I wish I could remember the names of the other pupils."

Basketball Players

"Richard Long, David Dirom and Scott Dickson played in the school's basketball team. They provided the basis for the Boroughmuir team when they transferred from Moray House at the age of 15.

Richard joined the police. David became a medical photographer at the University. Scott is no longer with us. They were first class athletes. Richard and David were also members of the Canongate Boys' Club."

George Robinson, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh: August 15, 2012

Canongate Boys' Club

George mentions the Canongate Boys' Club, above. 

Here are photos of Canongate Boys' Club Basketball Team and Cricket XI ...

Canongate Boys' Club

Basketball Team

Canongate Kirk Boys' Club  -  Basketball Team ©

Canongate Boys' Club

Cricket XI

Canongate Kirk Boys' Club  -  Cricket XI  -  1950s ©

... and here is a photo of the Canongate Girls' Club

Canongate Girls' Club

All Sports

    Canongate Girls' Club  -  around 1958 ©

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: August 15, 2012




Anne Robertson (née Lourie)


Thank you to Anne Robertson (née Lourie) who wrote:


"My brother has just asked: 'Is that you, Ann, in this picture?'. 

     Moray House School, Class 3B, 1955 (probably) ©

Indeed, it is.  I'm No 3 in the top row.

I remember:

-  Richard Long

-  Scot Dixon

-  Seith Taylor.

Also, on the top row:

-  No. 9 was Sheila McEwan

-  No. 13 was Winnie Wintour

And, on the top row:

-  No. 2 was Sylvia Young."


"I had a very happy time at Moray House School and I played in the Hockey Team."

Anne Robertson (née Lourie), Edinburgh:  March 27, 2013

Thank you, Anne, for providing more pupils' names for this photo.  I've now added the names to the table above.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 4, 2013


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