Heriot Mount

The Steps and The Henny

Beside the Steps into Holyrood Park - 1959

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Beside the steps leading into Holyrood Park

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael Lindsay and to
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Heriot Mount

I received the following message on 6 September 2005.


"I must e-mail you and thank you for posting the pictures of the South side.  They brought back so many memories of when I was a kid living around that area, around the time it was being demolished and rebuilt.

I'm very curious with regards to your pictures showing Heriot Mount.  If you magnify the picture, what is the ornate structure with the three or four steps right in the corner or the building and the park wall.

I've shown the picture to a few people but we're all stumped I would be obliged if you or anyone knows what it is could tell me."

Graham.  6 September 2005


I still don't know exactly what the stone structure in this photograph was.  However I have now received a couple of messages giving a little more information about it.

Joyce Ritchie wrote:

Response 1

"I came across your web site while looking for photos of Heriot Mount, Edinburgh.  You ask the question:

'What is the ornate structure in the corner with four steps leading to it?'

Well, I'm happy to tell you, it led round to the back green, or the 'Henny' as we kids called it. I believe it was called this because they used to keep hens there years before.  I hope this helps"

Joyce Ritchie, London, England, September 18, 2005


Billy McCuaig who used to live at 119 Dumbiedykes Road, wrote:

Response 2

"The photo of Herriot Mount the structure with the three steps was an entrance into the backgreen that was always known as the henny. 

It was used by us as children as a short cut from our backgreen 119 Dumbiedykes Road through to Herriot Mount and the steps leading to the Holyrood Park"

Billy McCuaig,  April 15, 2006


Cathy McKinsley, née Calvey wrote:

Response 3

"The Henny, was a magical place where girls played shops, champing away at all the different coloured stones to make all kinds of imaginary wares, and the boys played various games from cowboys & Indians, King Arthur or Robin Hood,  or whoever else was the character of the day."

Cathy McKinsley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England:  September 6, 2007



Heriot Mount

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Dumbiedykes Survey Photographs  -  1959 Survey

Heriot Mount

The large photograph above was one of several dozen taken in 1959 by Adam H Malcolm in the Dumbiedykes area of Edinburgh.  These photographs were taken shortly before the houses were demolished.  Adam H Malcolm donated these photographs to the Edinburgh City Libraries in the 1960s and they can now be found in the Library's Edinburgh Room Collection.



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