Leith Walk

Victoria Bar

265 Leith Walk  -  on the corner of Jameson Place


Victoria Bar  -  265, Leith Walk

   peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                            Photograph taken on 7 August 2003

Leith Walk

Victoria Bar


Victoria Bar is just over a quarter of a mile from the Foot of Leith Walk,

W R & S Ltd  -  Photograph from the earl-1900s  -  Foot of The Walk, Leith

on the left-hand side of Leith Walk when heading south from Leith to Edinbrugh.

Building of Leith Walk

This view looks up Leith Walk towards Pilrig and Edinburgh.  Victoria Bar is No 265 Leith Walk, on the corner of Jameson Place.  There was a question in the Guest Book about No 267 Leith Walk.  That will be the number for the tenements above the bar.

The progress Leith Walk in the late 19th century can be seen from the dates on the stone plaques on the buildings.  The date on the building above is 1895;  that on the building on the opposite side of  Jameson Place, one block closer to Leith, is 1896.

Victoria Bar

I was interested to see the sign just inside the entrance to Victoria Bar [August 2004] offering:

House Nip

Whisky or Vodka

and Half Pint





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