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 Professional Photographers' Association

PPA Congresses

The annual event for professional photographers, from 1910 until at least  1935 (except during the years of the First World War) was  the Congress of the Professional Photographers Association.

The list below shows the dates and venues of the Congresses from 1910 to 1935, and some of the activities during the congresses.  Many of the early Congresses and Photographic Fairs were held in the Horticultural Halls.

Details of these Congresses, and often a large photograph of delegates, can be found in contemporary editions of the British Journal of Photography.

PPA Congresses may well have continued beyond 1935.  I have not checked the British Journal of Photography for later years.

Photographic Conventions of the UK

In addition to the annual Photographic Congresses for professional photographers, there were also annual Photographic Conventions, open to both professional and amateur photographers.

The annual Photographic Conventions of the United Kingdom were held in a different part of Britain each year from 1886 until 1931.  The Convention was held in Edinburgh in 1892.

Edinburgh Delegates

  Photographic Convention of the UK  -  1892  -  Photographer not known



Photographic Congresses  and  Photographic Fairs



1920s Adverts

1930 Play

Horticultural Halls