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   Lothian Buses  -  Central Depot  -  Annandale Street

Lothian Buses have announced a 1m refurbishment of their Central Garage, including its large glass domed roof, in Annandale Street.

The building was originally built for the Edinburgh Exhibition Association to house a Scottish industrial exhibition in 1922, and housed the ceremony of the Union of the Church of Scotland in 1929, when the Free Church merged with the established Church of Scotland.

It has been used as a bus depot since 1934.  The building now houses 160 buses and currently (at April 2004) one old cable tram, no 226, which has been under restoration since about 1988.

 An adjacent newer building houses a further 70 buses.

Edinburgh Evening News  5 January 2004, p.16  (for all the details above, apart from the cable car)





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