The Fiddler

Thomas Vernon Begbie  -  late 1850s

  Statue by Robert Forrest (1790-1852)

Part of an Exhibition on Calton Hill

Canongate Tolbooth - Photograph by Thomas Vernon Begbie - late 1850s

  The Cavaye Collection of Thomas Begbie Prints: City Art Centre, City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries 


The Fiddler

Statue on Calton Hill


This photo appears on page 50 of the book 'Thomas Begbie's Edinburgh:  A Mid-Victorian Portrait'.  The caption reads:

"Plate 17. Begbie has a great interest in sculpture and made a number of interesting negatives of work by native carvers.  This piece is attributed to Robert Forrest (1790-1852), who had an enormously successful sculpture park on the Calton Hill from 1825 until his death, very little of which survives.

Begbie has placed a sapling in place of the bow which was probably broken.  He may probably have been aware of the visual pun - the statue would appear to be standing in a kale patch."

Holyroodhouse Gardens


This statue of the fiddler can now be found in the grounds of Holyroodhouse.

Statue in Holyrood Palace Gardens  -  June 2010



Thomas Vernon Begbie

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