Thomas Vernon Begbie

Glass Negatives Discovered

The Discovery

In 1950, over a century after his birth of Thomas Vernon Begbie, a collection of 451 of his glass negatives was discovered in old tin boxes at a house in St James Square, an address very close to his studio at 7 Leith Street.

 Saint James Square

These were donated to Councillor Stanley Cavaye, then to the City of Edinburgh Art Centre.

The Photos

Most of the photos were stereo pairs, though on this site in most cases I have displayed only one half of the stereo pair.  These can be found on pages for:

Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh New Town

Edinburgh Suburbs

and Leith

The photograph below is a single long image.  However, Begbie also produced similar photos of  the centre of this scene as stereo pairs.  

The photo below shows damage sustained by glass slides - scratches, a crack and part missing.  But the slide still contains lots of interesting details of this area, probably in the late 1850s.

View towards Calton Hill from the Scott Monument

Looking east from the Scott Monument - Photograph by Begbie 

    The Cavaye Collection of Thomas Begbie Prints: City Art Centre, City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries



Thomas Vernon Begbie

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Begbie's studio addresses and dates


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