Thomas Vernon Begbie

Sculptures on Calton Hill

Robert Forrest's Sculptures

19th Century

The Exhibition 'Monumental Edinburgh' in the City Art Center (18 Oct 2003 to 24 Jan 2004) included two of Thomas Begbie's photographs of Robert Forrest's sculptures.  They were:

-  The Careless Shepherd

-  Standing Figure of a Fiddler

Canongate Tolbooth - Photograph by Thomas Vernon Begbie - late 1850s

The exhibition reported that the Sculptures remained on Calton Hill until Robert Forrest's death in 1852.

The Fiddler


The statue of the fiddler can now  be found in the grounds of Holyroodhouse.

Statue in Holyrood Palace Gardens  -  June 2010

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 11, 2010


Thomas Vernon Begbie

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