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  reproduced with acknowledgement to Jeanette Boon, Welland, Ontario, Canada



Thank you to Jeanette Boon (formerly Jeanette Keighren) who used to live at Dumbiedykes for permission to reproduce the photograph above. 

The occasion was a reunion, in Jeanette's house, on 22 September 2005, of some of the former residents of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh.


Left to Right

Greta Campbell

Prospect Place

now living in Canada

Nessie Paulin

Holyrood Square

still living in Edinburgh

Isa Paulin

Holyrood Square

now living in Cheshire, England

Jeanette Boon

Lower Viewcraig Row

now living in Canada

Roberta Campbell

Prospect Place

now living in Canada




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