T L Devlin's Trawlers


Commodore and Challenger

"In July 1890, Thomas L Devlins first new trawler was registered in his name.  It was a new trawler,  COMMODORE (Fishing No GN31), built by Hawthorn at Junction Bridge, Leith.

He kept this for only a few months before selling it to S Brocklebank, London in December 1890.  

Apparently, at that time second-hand trawlers could command higher prices than new ones, because they were available for use immediately.

So TLD presumably benefited from this deal.  He went on to purchase several more new trawlers that he kept for only short periods.

However, he kept CHALLENGER for five years before selling it in 1897, and he kept a second trawler named COMMODORE (No GN33) from 1891 until 1924, before selling it to a relative of John D Stevenson.

By the mid 1890's T L Devlin was purchasing second hand tonnage, and also ordering new trawlers from Hawthorn's"


T L Devlin's Trawlers


Here are fuller details, provided by John D Stevenson, of some of the trawlers that T L Devlin purchased in the early 1890s:

COMMODORE  ON 97551  GN 31

7/1890. Built Hawthorn , Leith,  Owner T L Devlin

1890  December.  Sold to Robert S. Brocklebank , ship owner, London.

1900  Sold to Peter Johnstone , fish salesman,  Aberdeen . Reg transferred to Aberdeen.

COMMODORE  ON 97553  GN 33.

7/1891  Built Hawthorn, Leith.  Owner : T L Devlin jr

1924. Sold to David Stevenson, 21 Hawthornbank ,Leith ,steam trawler owner.

1925  26th May. Ship foundered 12 miles  east of Barns Ness. Total loss.

SUNBEAM   ON 97554

8/1891 Built Hawthorn, Leith.    Owner : T L Devlin jr

1891  20th August Sold to Robert S. Brocklebank, shipowner, London

ADMIRAL  ON 97556.

10/1891 Built Hawthorn, Leith.  Owner : T L Devlin jr

1891. 20th November. To Thomas W. Duncan , Glasgow . To his  account for selling

28th  Sold to Milford Haven Fishing Co., Ltd, same name Fishing No M 88

1894. Sold to Liverpool owners


3/1892 Built Hawthorn , Leith.  Owner : T L Devlin

1892.  5th March. Sold to Daniel M Stevenson , Merchant, Glasgow.

8th March . Sold to Spanish owners.


5/1892  Built Hawthorn, Leith.  Owner : Thos Devlin jr

1892  28th March Sold to D M Stevenson, Merchant , Glasgow.

30th Sold to Spanish owners



Thank you to John Stevenson for providing the details above.  John says:

"The above is some of the info held in CE106/11/1  "Granton Ship Registrations" , held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh

I believe that all the owner names above (T L Devlin, T L Devlin jr and Thos Devlin jr) refer to the same person, Thomas Leishman Devlin (d.1919)."

John D Stevenson, Edinburgh:  December 21+26, 2006



T L Devlin's Trawlers

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