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Douglas Beath

Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Thank you to Douglas Beath, Burnie, Tasmania (formerly Granton, Edinburgh) for the following comments.

Douglas wrote:

Ice Cream

"I fondly remember DeMarco's ice cream shop.  My father pointed out this shop at the southwest end of Junction Bridge at Leith, and said "That's where to get good ice cream" (even during the war, somehow !)

I was delighted in 1967 to come across the same flavour in, of all places, the then rather seedy Strand Hotel in Rangoon !

The only other diners, an Australian couple, suggested it had been made with custard powder."

Douglas Beath, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia:  October 2005




Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri who replied to the comments above in which Douglas Beath originally described the Leith ice cream shop as Demarco's,

Frank wrote:

Georgio De Felice Ice Cream

"Sorry I have to contradict Douglas, but the ice cream shop that he mentions was Georgio De Felice, right next door to Tommy Wills the butcher, opposite the old State Cinema, round the corner from Ballantyne Rd Leith.

I knew Georgio well, being of Italian decent myself.  I remember his shop window being put in, as happened to a lot of Italian properties at the start of the War, due to British hostilities against Italians and the Italians allying with Germany."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Leith:  May 1, 2008

Douglas Beath replied:

"I unhesitatingly accept Frank Ferri's more certain recollection of the Junction Bridge ice cream shop's name,  so probably my mistaken words should be amended."

Douglas Beath, Burnie, Tasmania:  May 3, 2008

Thanks Douglas.

I've now removed the name of the shop from your recollections in 1 above.

Peter Stubbs:  May 3, 2008




James Macfarlane


Thank you to James Macfarlane who replied:

DeMarco's Ice Cream

"Douglas Beath, in 1 above describes an ice cream shop in Leith as DeMarco's.  It could be that he was remembering the one in Lindsay Road which he may well have seen from the tram in the days when he lived in Granton.

In this photo of the south side of Lindsay Road, taken in 2006, you refer to the Devlin family as being connected with 5 Lindsay Road,  the building painted blue at ground floor level.

Lindsay Road - beside Leith Docks to the east of Newhaven harbour ©

DeMarcos ice-cream shop was next door.   It looks like a garage door in the photo"

James Macfarlane, Edinburgh:  December 11, 2009




Peter Christians

Adelaide, South Australia

Thank you to Peter Christians who wrote:


"Capaldi's had a shop near the corner of Largo Place and Ferry Road


My parents also had a shop, Toni's, at 152 Ferry Road, just up from Trafalgar Street, and a van.  We went around the Granton, Royston and Pilton districts."

Peter Christians, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia:  April 19 + 20, 2010




Jason DeMarco


Thank you to Jason DeMarco who replied:

DeMarco's Ice Cream

"James MacFarlane was correct in his Recollections 3 above.

My Granddad, Vincenzo, had the ice cream shop in Leith. According to my dad, it was the best in Leith  -  although he may be biased."

Jason DeMarco, Edinburgh:  November 23, 2012




Alan J MacKay

County Durham, England

Thank you to Jason DeMarco who added:

Tony DeMarco's Ice Cream Shop

"Tony Demarco’s ice cream shop was near the corner of Albion Road and Easter Road.  The shop also had a café attached.  He made the ice cream  round the corner in a shop next to the dairy in Albion Road.

We used to get money back from Tony by taking our empty  juice bottles and soda bottle there, but he got smart and started to stamp a blue star on his bottles so that he would know which ones had come from his shop.

He was a lovely bloke.  His wife was tiny but a real handful!"

Alan J MacKay, Co. Durham, England  (formerly 206 Easter Road, Edinburgh):  15 Dec 2017



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