The Innocent Railway

Northern Terminus:  St Leonard's, Edinburh




Ron Leckie

California, USA

Thank you to Ron Leckie, grandson of the founder of Hugh Leckie & Son Coal Merchants at St Leonard's Edinburgh, for writing to tell me about a couple of his film clips that can now be viewed

Film Clips

Hugh Leckie & Son


The Innocent Railway

"I found two of my old 8mm movies, had them digitized then spent time cleaning them up as best I could, then that Jack Gillom posted them on the Lost Edinburgh site on YouTube for me.  Here are links to them

Hugh Leckie & Son - Yard at St Leonard's, Edinburgh: delivering coal in winter . (This was filmed in 1965.)

The Innocent Railway - from St Leonard's through Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

Ron Leckie, California, USA:  May 24, 2015



Hugh Leckie & Sons  -  Coal Merchants

School Photograph 1895

Hugh Leckie

Leckie Direct Marketing

Arthur Street Coal Lorry

Coal Yard

Coronation Coal Lorry




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