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Leith North Station


Leith North Station  -  1962

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Neville Stead, A J Mullay and Ian Allan Publishers          G M Staddon / N E Stead collection


Leith North Station

Here is a view of the train shed at Leith North Station in 1962.  The Gloucester DMU will soon be leaving for Edinburgh's Princes Street station.

This is how Leith North station looked seven years earlier, in 1955:

.Leith North Station  -  1955


North Leith


North Leith

Leith had several stations.  The names of these two can be confusing:

Leith North Station,  (above) was situated close to where the road to Ocean Terminal enters Leith Docks.  This was the terminus of the Caledonian Railway's line that ran via Newhaven, Granton Road and Craigleith to Princes Street station at the West End of Princes Street.

This line was closed to passenger traffic in 1962, and Princes Street Station that also had lines running to the south from Edinburgh closed two years later.

New housing was built, in the early 200s, on the land where the station used to stand.

North Leith Station    (here) was a North British Railway station situated in Commercial Street, a little further east,  close to Leith Citadel.  This line ran originally through the tunnel under Scotland Street to Canal Street station situated beside Waverley Station at the East End of Princes Street.

Later it ran via Abbey Hill to Waverley Station.

The North British Railway closed the station to passenger traffic in 1947.  It continued to be used for fish and other freight until the 1970s.

North Leith Station  -  1964




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