Edinburgh Transport

Horse-drawn Trams

Edinburgh's first tramway route was operated by the Edinburgh Street Tramway Company.  The company operated horse-drawn trams.

It opened in 1871, its first route being from  Bernard Street in Leith to Haymarket in Edinburgh.  Other routes were soon added, and the system was extended in the 1870s and 1880s. 

By 1893, the company had about 12 miles of track, 70 tramcars and 400 horses, but these were soon to be replaced by cable trams.  Very few horse drawn trams were still operating by the early 1900s.

With the introduction of the cable system beginning in 1899, Edinburgh Street Tramway Company soon phased out its horse-drawn trams. 

Edinburgh's Last Horse-drawn tram  -  at Tollcross  -  24 August 1907

The last horse-drawn tram ran on 24 August 1907, when the Craiglockhart system was converted to cable.

Reference:  Edinburgh Transport  [DGL Hunter] and The Tramways of Eastern Scotland [Gillham and Wiseman]



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