Edinburgh Transport

Princes Street

Foot of the Mound


Trams in Princes Street at the foot of the Mound

Trams and other traffic in Princes Street at the foot of the Mound

  National Tramway Museum, Crich Derbyshire                 Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc               Photographer:  R B Parr

Princes Street

Foot of the Mound

This view looks to the east along Princes Street, with the tower on Forsyth's shop now closed in the distance.   The steps of the Royal Scottish Academy at the foot of the Mound are on the extreme right.

Judging by the two closest cars, this photograph appears to have been taken shortly  before the trams were phased out and replaced by buses - possibly in the early 1950s.

The busy junction, being negotiated by the tram on route 27 (crossing Princes Street from Hanover Street on the left into the Mound in the foreground on the right) is not yet controlled by traffic lights.

I remember this junction still being patrolled by two policemen on point duty when I first came to Edinburgh in the 1960s.

Royal Scottish Academy
from Hanover Street

National Gallery, Princes Street, Edinburgh  -  photo by GW Wilson




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