Edinburgh Transport

Preserved Tram

No 35


Tram No 35

At Crich Tramway Museum, Derbyshire, England.

Edinburgh Transport Tram  -  Preserved Tram, No 35.

  Donald Grant, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland

Tram Preserved  -  No 35

I moved to Edinburgh in 1963, so never saw the trams operating  -  too late to see trams operating in Edinburgh.  The last tram service in Edinburgh ran in 1956.

However, I remember seeing No 35, the only tram to have been preserved, in a small museum beside Shrubhill Works around 1980.

Unfortunately the building that housed the museum had a leaking roof so the museum closed.

Tram No 35 subsequently operated in Glasgow during the Garden Festival and was loaned to Blackpool.  It is now based at Crich Tramway museum in Derbyshire, England where the photograph above was taken.

As well as tram no 35, built in 1947, there is a much earlier vehicle that is currently undergoing preservation.

 It is Cable Car 226

Cable Car No 226

   Restoration of Cable Car 226 at Annandale Street Bus Depot




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