Henry Peach Robinson



HP Robertson wrote several books:

-  "Picture Making by Photography"

The 4th edition of this  book was advertised for sale at 2s 6d in the The Photogram, March 1895 [p.71]. 

The journal commented that the book was already so well known by advertising photographers that it was almost superfluous to review.  The journal added:

"Beginning with a chapter on "gelatine plates" and "our tools", he [HP Robinson] almost immediately plunges into the art side of photography, dealing with both outdoor work and portraiture in ordinary rooms."  [p.72]

-  "Pictorial Effect in Photography"

-  "The Studio and What to do in it"

-  "Letters on Landscape Photography"

The three books above were described in The Photogram, March 1895.  The journal said that they:  "have had a wonderfully large and steady sale, and still are the favourite first handbooks of the art side of photography"    [p.81]

-  "Photography as a Business"

-  "Art Photography"

Together with Abney, HP Robinson wrote:

-  "The Art and Practice of Silver Printing"

[TPP, 1895, p.72]

RL = Robert Leggat  Web site:  History of Photography

TPP = The Practical Photographer



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