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Canal Street Station

Zoom-in to detail on a GW Wilson stereo card - Waverley Bridge and Old Town from Princes Street

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Canal Street Station

This view shows detail from a G W Wilson stereo view of Waverly Bridge and the Old Town of Edinburgh.

The view zooms-in on Canal Street station,  immediately beside Waverley Station.  The railway  from Canal Street ran to the north through a tunnel under Princes Street then under  the length of Scotland Street, and on to Granton Harbour and the ferry to Burntisland.

Trains were hauled up the hill through the tunnel to Canal Street station by a stationary engine.

Thank you to Patrick Hutton for providing the following comments after seeing the 'zoom-in' picture of Canal Street station above:

Canal Street Station

The train-shed opening (two-track?) can just be seen below the clock.

The Edinburgh Perth and Dundee Railway ran North from Burntisland. It was linked to the Edinburgh Leith and Granton Railway by the Granton-Burntisland ferry.

The company title dates the photo to between 1849 and 1862.

Patrick Hutton, Edinburgh  -  9 April 2005

I believe the photograph is likely to have been taken towards the end of this period, as the land appears to have been cleared for the building of Lord Cockburn Street (now known as Cockburn Street).  Building of the street commenced around 1859.


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 GW Wilson stereo card - Waverley Bridge and Old Town from Princes Street


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