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Colour Group

The Colour Group began in 1955 amongst some controversy in the bulletins as to whether or not colour work was an appropriate activity for the Society to indulge in.

Similar discussions were taking place at this time in other societies.  The colour workers at Paisley Photographic Society broke away from their main society to establish the Paisley Colour Group, which still operates independently now (2005).

So throughout recent seasons EPS Members have had the opportunity to attend Meeting almost every Monday and Wednesday, and to spend the rest of the week in the Library, Studio or Darkrooms!

Prints and Slides

The purpose of the Colour Group in Edinburgh was to cater for both slide and print workers, until a separate Colour Print Group was established in 1967.   The Colour Print Group meetings were held until 1979, by which time colour prints had become an accepted part of the Wednesday EPS Meetings and Monthly Competitions.


The Colour Slide Group (now known, again, as the 'Colour Group') continued to meet fortnightly on Monday evenings, with four monthly competitions, a theme competition and Spring and Autumn Coach Outings each year. 

For many years the Colour Group was the largest group within EPS, though recently (early 2000s) it has been overtaken by the Digital Imaging Group, which has usually met on alternate Wednesday evenings.

Projected Images

In the early 2000s, an many of the members changed from producing colour slides to digital images.  The Colour Group recognised this and began to accept all projected images - both colour slides and digital.

By the 2005-2006 season, almost all submissions to the Colour Group competitions were digital images.

50 Years of Meetings

This  web site now lists   EPS Colour Group meetings held up to 1998.  I may add the more recent colour group meetings to the site when I can find time to do so.



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