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Entries in Colour Group Competitions may be either projected colour slides or projected digital images.


The Cunningham Cup

awarded by Neil Cunningham for the

Annual Theme Competition

Three images are entered for this competition.

Each is awarded a mark out of 10, and a fourth mark out of 10 is awarded for how well the images fit together to make a set. 

The highest score out of 40 wins.

This was the winning entry for the Cunningham Cup in 2006:

London Docklands Reflections

London Docklands Reflections  -  Windows  -  Cunningham Cup  -  Entry 1 of 3

London Docklands Reflections  -  Cascadess  -  Cunningham Cup  -  Entry 2 of 3

London Docklands Reflections  -  Cranes  -  Cunningham Cup  -  Entry 3 of 3



The Young Cup

awarded by Miss Dorothy S Young for the Monthly Competitions

There are four monthly competitions held during the season, with two entries allowed in each, one 'Pictorial' and one 'Set Subject'.

The Young Cup is awarded for the winner of the 'Advanced' Section.  Trophies are also awarded in the 'Intermediate' and 'Beginners' sections of the Monthly Competitions.  I don't have details of these trophies or the winners. 



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