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J Traill Taylor

Lectures delivered by J Traill Taylor to Edinburgh Photographic Society.


On the Magic Lantern

19 Jun 1861

On the Waxed-Paper Process

17 Jul 1861

On a Photographic Tour to the Orkney Islands


Relative Advantages of the Wet and Dry Collodion Processes  [joint lecture + discussion]

16 Apr 1862

On the Alleged Invention of the Stereoscope [and the Chimenti Drawings

21 May 1862

On the Tannin Process


Relative advantages of the Wet and Dry Collodion Processes  [discussion]

21 Jan 1863

A Convenient Method of Producing Enlarged Transparencies or Negatives

4 Feb 1863

On the Manufacture of Magic Lantern Slides by means of Superposition

18 Feb 1863

Microscope   [discussion]

1 Apr 1863

On Portrait Lenses  [Published:  BJP 1863, p139]

16 Dec 1863

Stereoscopic Transparencies on Glass

[Swiss and other Continental scenery by Messrs Ferrier & Co]


Printing Transparencies on Glass

11 May 1864

On the Intensification, by the Action of Light, of a developed but unfixed collodion negative  [discussion]

11 May 1864

On Carbon Printing

19 Apr 1865

Concerning Silver Solutions

6 Sep 1865

A large collection of Photographs + camera] [exhibited]


Cooke’s Patent Camera  [exhibited]



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