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J Traill Taylor




J Traill Taylor was educated for the ministry, but preferred instead to follow his father's business and started a business of watchmaker, optician and jeweller in Edinburgh.   [Obit. TPP].

Chemist, Optician, Photographer

From an early age, he was an experimenter, taking an interest in chemistry, optics and photography.


He was a writer.  He is believed to have been on the staff of The Scotsman and other Scottish newspapers. 

He established The Photographer in 1856, and later contributed to the British Journal of Photographer, becoming its Editor, 1864-1979 and again 1886-1895    [Obit. BJP].

In the 1850s, while living in Dumfries, he played a leading part in popularising Pitman's Phonography (shorthand writing).  [Obit. BJP].

[Obit. BJP]  =  Obituary:  British Journal of Photography, 15 November 1895, p.725

[Obit. TPP]  =  Obituary:  The Practical Photographer, December 1895, p.371



John Traill Taylor  -  Photograph published in The Photogram  -  1895

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