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 Decision: 1895

A note appeared in the BJP on 6 December 1895, announcing a Meeting to be held at 8pm on 21 December, in Anderton's Hotel, Fleet Street, London, to consider numerous suggestions that had been made to create some form of permanent memorial in recognition of  J Traill Taylor's long and valuable services to photography.

Three weeks later, the BJP published a brief account of the Meeting.  It reported that a proposal to create a Memorial to J Traill Taylor had been passed unanimously.

Suggestions included a bust, a scholarship, a Taylor medal for advances in photographic optics or a medal for general photographic advances.  However, the suggestion that won most favour was the institution of a Train Taylor lecture or series of lectures on photography.

[British Journal of Photography  6 December 1895 pp.784, 788 and  27 December 1895, p.832]

From 1898

In 1898 the RPS started conducting the Traill Taylor Memorial Lectures yearly and publishing them in full in several photographic journals.

The speaker was also was presented with the Traill Taylor Memorial Lecture Medal. The medal is an impressive large bronze sporting a portrait photo of him in 1895. 

The medal was first presented in 1899,  the 1898 medal being presented at the same time. 

By the 1950s the memorial lecture was held only once every 2 years rather than yearly.

[With acknowledgement to David Likar for the above information.  David tells me that he has yet to establish whether or not the lecture is still running.]



John Traill Taylor  -  Photograph published in The Photogram  -  1895

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