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In the 1890s, the British Journal of Photography continued to report the forthcoming meetings and the activities of many British Photographic Societies:

-  RPS, Bath, Birmingham, Croydon, Hackney, Liverpool, London & Provincial, Manchester, Paisley, Tunbridge Wells, etc.

It also reported on overseas societies including:

-  Photographic Society of Japan

-  Photographic Society of Philadelphia

But Edinburgh Photographic Society rarely featured.  From the 1880s onwards, Edinburgh Photographic Society's activities had been reported in its own journal.

Topics Discussed

Topics of particular interest to readers of the BJP in 1895 appeared to be:

-  Instant cameras, with new models from Eastman and others.

-  Chemicals for processing
Some papers listed all the chemicals - uranium nitrate, thiosinamine, red prussiate of potash, etc. with measures in drops, grains and drachms.   Other papers also gave the formulae for the chemical reactions involved.

-  The merits of gelatine and collodion for printing papers.

-  The Annual Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom
The Proceedings of the Convention were covered, and the 'usual' photograph of delegates was included in BJP.  The 1895 Convention was held at Shrewsbury.

-  Lantern slides

-  Colour photography:  including the Lippmann process

Topical subjects were discussed in the regular column "On Things in General" written by Free Lance!


BJP  -  1895




Colour Photography  -  Lippmann Process


Remarks on Photographic-Colour Printing.  This Lecture was given by William Hume to Edinburgh Photographic Society on 5 December 1894.


Announcement that a Musical and Dramatic Entertainment would take place in Queen-street Hall on Tuesday January 31 at 8pm, in aid of the funds of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

This was one of the "EPS Popular Meetings", described in the Syllabus as Concert and Reading

107, 111

Edinburgh Photographic Society  -  1895 Members' Exhibition


The death of James Ross is announced


A detailed account of AH Baird's new premises at 37 + 39 Lothian-street.


638, 713

Photographic Chemical Dealers  -  Problems for JM Turnbull


Report by the Council of Edinburgh Photographic Society on its 35th year, including:

-  Thanks to Messrs Bashford, Roddick and Lugton for stepping into the breach caused by Mr Ayton's elevation to the Presidentship and sudden subsequent death, leaving the elementary section without a teacher.

-  The exhibition of this session proved itself in every respect an unqualified success.  Not only was the work of a higher standard, but the number of visitors who patronised the Society's show far exceeded any previous Exhibition.


Obituary:  Edinburgh Photographic Society Founding Member and Editor of photographic journals  -  J Traill Taylor.


 788, 832

Notice of a Meeting to discuss a proposed memorial to J Traill Taylor for his long and valuable services to photography.

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