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In 1876, the British Journal of Photography included more articles on Edinburgh Photographic Society than on any other society.

The BJP also featured Dr Nicol's Notes from the North.  In these, he commented on the studios of  Edinburgh professional photographers:

Alexander Ayton  and
James Good Tunny

The BJP also featured several articles and press comment concerning Edinburgh Photographic Society's 1876 Open Photographic Exhibition.

Please see below for BJP coverage, in 1876, of:

1.  Edinburgh Photographic Society and

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles


BJP  -  1876

1.  EPS Meetings

John Nicol

Progressive Results of the Past Session p.17, 20

G Croughton

Enlarging and Enlarging Processes

Baillie Marshall Views of Paris   [Popular Meeting] p.93
JH Palmer The Gelatino-Bromide emulsion p.113, 117, 175
John Nicol Animals of the London Zoological Gardens and Views of India    [Popular Meeting] p.142
RH Bow Further Notes on the Effects of Light on Pigments p.172, 176
JG Tunny Demonstration of Pigment Printing p.225
[no paper] Outdoor Meeting to Craigie Hall p.238
RH Bow Small Scale Maps for Tourists p.282, 286
[no paper] Arrangements for the Forthcoming Exhibition at the National Galleries p.310
[no paper] Forthcoming Exhibition
Discussion of whether EPS Members and Edinburgh Residents should be permitted to exhibit  [+letters]
p.321, 335, 347, 395
[no paper] Annual Holiday and Excursion to Winton Castle p.368
WH Davies What should be done to make the Exhibition a Success? p.489
Turnbull + Mathieson Experiences in Working Emulsion Plates p.489
[no paper] Annual General Meeting p.538
ER Yerbury The Aims and Objects of Photographic Societies with Suggestions for increasing the Prosperity of Our Own p.594, 597


BJP  -  1876

2.  Other Edinburgh Articles

Lindsay Howie Printing Department p.6, 54
John Nicol Notes from the North  [Ayton's studios] p.42
John Nicol Notes from the North  [Tunny's studios] p.90, 138
Lindsay Howie The Printing Department p.125
Lindsay Howie Operating Department p.139
John Nicol Seasonable Hints to Young Landscapists p.149
John Nicol Notes from the North [Edinburgh Exhibition] p.248
Horatio Ross Fading of Prints and Carbon Printing p.330
John Nicol Notes from the North [Tunny's early negatives] p.464
Horatio Ross Advantages of Dry Plates p.515
[The Scotsman] Reports of the EPS Exhibition - 1876 p.615, 621

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