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JPS and the PSS

The PSS when first established considered having its proceedings reported in The Photographic Journal.  There was lengthy, but somewhat inconclusive correspondence between the PSS and The Photographic Society on this subject. 



PSS letter to The Photographic Society

April 1856

In April 1856, The Photographic Society of Scotland was established. Its Treasurer sent  draft Laws of the Society to Dr. Hugh Diamond and to JR Major, editor of the Journal of the Photographic Society, seeking their advice.

JR Major replied to the Photographic Society of Scotland,  inviting the society to contribute reports to the Photographic Journal.

Dear Sir

I beg to inform you that the Journal of the Photographic Society is open to the Reports and Papers of kindred societies who have no organ of their own, and I shall be happy to insert such reports if you will furnish me with them as well as any communications (either in full or abstract) which may be read before your Meetings, provided they be of sufficient importance and general interest.

By such contribution I am sure we shall do much to advance the knowledge of photography, and thus must plead my excuse for addressing you.

I am 

Dear Sir

 yours most faithfully

JR Major, Sec: 



PSS Proposal -  to The Photographic Society

February 1857

Several months of correspondence between the PSS and The Photographic Society, relating to the possible inclusion of PSS proceedings in the London Society's journal.  PSS wrote to The Photographic Society in February 1857:

-  proposing that four columns of the Journal should be made available to this society during nine months of the year

-  offering that in return this Society would take 100 copies of the Journal monthly at trade price.

suggesting that the title of the Journal should be changed to The Journal of the Photographic Societies.




The Photogrpahic Society  -  Reply to PSS

February 1857

JR Major wrote, giving a very full reply to the above request.  He ended his reply:

"In conclusion, I am instructed to state the Council will be glad to accept your proposal upon the following terms:

1.  That the transactions of the Photographic Society of Scotland be published in the Journal of the Photographic Society to the extent of two pages  i.e. 4 columns (or more where necessary) - The Editor of the Photographic Journal having discretionary power as to what shall or shall not be published.

2.   That the title of the Journal be altered from its present one to that of The Journal of the Photographic Society and of the  Societies in Union with it.

3. That as many copies of the Journal be furnished  to the Photographic Society of Scotland as there are Members of that Society"



PSS - The Conclusion


The PSS considered the letter from The Photographic Society, but was not fully satisfied with the offer.  They replied, saying:

1.  PSS Council was willing to leave a discretionary power in the hands of the Editor of the Journal, provided it was understood that the proceedings of PSS should be in the course of the year as fully reported as those of  the Photographic Society.

2.  The Council thought that the proposed new Title of the Journal liable to objection of length and awkwardness and that besides it was incorrect as no union existed between the societies; beyond the fact that they publish their proceedings in the same journal and that therefore a better title would be The Photo Journal.

3. That the Council were willing to take as many copies of the Journal at trade price as there were Members of the Society

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